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Are Slots Free Spins Popular?

Are Slots Free Spins Popular

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Gambling continues to grow as a major hobby amongst the public and constant growth has been witnessed since 1996. This is the year when gambling became more accessible to people thanks to gambling brands moving their services online.

What this move meant was that if people wanted to gamble, they no longer needed to visit traditional gambling environments such as land-based casinos, betting shops and arcades. This new way of gambling was highly appealing to those who always wanted to gamble, but found traditional gambling environments incredibly intimidating.

This is a major reason why there has been such a huge increase in the amount of females gambling. 39% of slots gamblers last year were actually female and a major player in attracting women to gambling was mobile gambling, gambling in the comfort of your own home, and of course the attraction of slots games themselves – see how you can pay by mobile.

The Appeal of Slots

It’s hard to pin down the appeal of slots and it is thought that a number of factors make these games appealing to the public, rather than one main ingredient. Back when slots were first invented in the 19th century, it was the new concept that attracted punters. Even though slot machines had no bonus rounds back then, people still enjoyed playing these new games for the thrill that they brought with them and the brand new gambling experience only added to their popularity.

Modern Slots

Slots now have to pull out all the stops to grab gamblers attention and this is because there are so many other gambling and non-gambling entertainment distractions out there. Video gaming is one of the most popular of all the leisure activities and slots manufacturers keep a close eye on this industry and in particular, the development in graphics.  Great graphics can help attract more players to slots games, but one of the main aspects of slots that continues to pull in the crowds, is the bonus round.

Different Bonus Rounds

Most new slots now contain more than just one bonus round. Some carry 4 or more and when a player triggers the bonus round, they can either pick from a selection of bonuses, or a bonus wheel is randomly spun and the bonus is chosen for them. If this is the case then you can usually gamble your prize with a respin. Here you could lose all bonuses and have to settle for a mystery cash prize, or you could get a far superior one such as free spins.

Out of all the bonus rounds available, it is the free spins that are most sort after. Some come with added thrills such as big multipliers, roaming wilds, expanding wilds and sticky wilds. These only add more excitement to free spins and they can also help punters win big. Some bonuses allow you to collect special wilds and on your last free spin, these wilds are randomly placed on the reels. Obviously the more wilds you collect, the better the outcome of the final spin. Another thing that makes free spins bonus rounds popular is that they can also be retriggered on many slots too.

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