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Why Brush Hogging Is So Popular?

Why Brush Hogging Is So Popular?


A brush hog, also known as a mowing board or tractor, is a small mower attached to a tractor that cuts small brush and heavy grass. A brush hog can be used to cut hay in a pinch. While some local companies offer limited services, they do not offer Downriver mi brush hogging service. Cutting Edge is proud to offer a range of services , from weekly lawn cutting to brush hoovering several acres. Our team is highly skilled and versatile. We are fully licensed and certified to complete residential and commercial landscaping projects. We’re happy to provide a consultation and a free estimate for any size yard project.

Benefits of Bush Hogging

Did you know we offer bush hogging services? We are a trusted local tree company and offer bush hogging services. Bush hogging can bring many benefits to your land. Read on to learn more about five benefits of bush hogging. Call us today to book a bush hogging expert service!


Land that you could use is often claimed by brush, weeds, and other overgrowth. A professional bush hogging service can help you clear the land of all that excess growth and reclaim it for other uses such as farming

Bush hogging removes unnecessary overgrowth and allows nature to function as it was meant. The soil below is fed by the clippings, which provides a fertile environment for other plants. Insects and animals are encouraged back to support the regrowth of vital vegetation.

Bulldozing or digging at overgrowth can cause irreparable damage to your land. Dozing and digging, for example, can cause land to become unproductive if it is being cleared for gardening or farming. Bush hogging is a way to give back your land, by feeding the soil and encouraging regrowth.


Parasitic plants are more than nuisances. They can be very harmful to the land they claim. Bush hogging helps you get rid of pervasive weeds. They attack the roots and prevent them from growing again.

A nice nature trail can be a great addition to any property. A expert bush hogging service will help you create beautiful paths that you and your family can enjoy a little forest escape in your backyard.

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