5 Handmade Pieces of Art to Decorate Your Home

Does the word art or decorating make you want to cringe? If so, you’re not alone. Many of us try to tackle a DIY home art project and are unhappy with the results.

Well, today, we’re here to tell you that anyone can create a unique piece of art. Let’s look at five handmade projects you can accomplish by yourself.

Fancy Barn Board Wood Projects

Barn board and rustic wood projects have been popping up all over social media for the last few years. They aren’t too complicated and give you fantastic end results.

The key to success in this project is tools. The possibilities are endless with the right saw and a bit of old wood. Adding these features can make your home feel rustic and cozy.

You can opt to create barn board frames for images that need a new touch. Cut your barn board to fit around an old picture on a worn-out frame to give it a makeover.

A wood accent wall is another excellent project with barn board. It takes a little longer but is well worth it. You’ll need some pallets and a decent saw.

First, cut all the pallets into pieces, stain them in different colors, and let dry. Then, add thin plywood to your existing wall, so the pallets are easier to attach. Start from top to bottom and add the pieces one by one, like a jigsaw. The result is truly impressive.

Canvas Pictures

Have you ever taken a photo on your phone and thought, ‘this looks amazing?’ It’s easier than ever to capture stunning images on modern devices. These pictures make the perfect base for another handmade art piece that you can hang on your living room wall.

There are companies online that you can send your favorite snaps to, and they’ll professionally transfer them to a canvas with oil paints. It doesn’t matter if it’s a stunning landscape, your playful puppy, or a family portrait. You can order by visiting the website of an artist online and commissioning your canvas painting.

Decorative Shelving

This is an item that anyone can get to grips with. You can use any bit of wood you have lying around and cut the pieces you need with a saw.

Then, add a rough coat of stain with an old paintbrush. Let the wood dry and purchase some pretty brackets for underneath. You can put them up where you like and use them for books, decorations, or plants.

Macrame – Part 1

This is a super popular trend and deserves to be number four and five. Making macrame plant holders is trendy and easy to master. Although this will take practice learning the knots, it can lead to many other similar projects. Try to find a very thick rope to learn with and start your first project. These plants look great when hanging right off of the curtain rod in these nifty holders.

Macrame – Part 2

Macrame soft wall accents are stunning, and with a little practice, you’ll be creating masterpieces in no time. You’ll want to find yarn colors that suit your taste, and that go with your current decor. After learning the knots, you can play with the designs and make a wall hanging for every season.

Time to Get Crafty

So, don’t be afraid to try some DIY projects at home. It does take practice and trial and error, but the result will be worth it. See what wood you have lying around to create some shelves or a barn board masterpiece. If you’re excellent at handy projects, try some of the macrame trends that are popular right now.

If you prefer to have something handmade but don’t think you’ve got an artistic flair or are short on time, why not commission a beautiful canvas oil painting of your favorite snaps. The options are endless.