5 Tips for Choosing the Right Grout Color

Tile is a striking element that can make a statement on your floors, backsplashes, and even the bathrooms. You may be thinking that choosing tile color so it matches your home aesthetic exactly right is a bit tricky, but experience has proved that its the grout color which is the most challenging. Tile grout is such an essential aspect of tile installation. It helps in waterproofing the area while giving a finished look.

The color of grout that you choose will make or break the tile installation. Follow the tips below so you make the proper color selection!

Similar Color Gives A Unified Look.

You don’t want to have some dark grout on your white tiles. It’ll look like a stain, and when it begins to wear out, and then you’ll have such a funny look on your floor.
Also dark grout can actually make mould blend in, making tiles less hygenic and harder to clean in the long term.

The best way to choose a tile color is by selecting grout from GroutPro that looks like the tile. That will be perfect for solid-colored tiles. Using a similar grout color covers up the grout lines and blends into the tile. If you have a busy time, that’s a perfect choice of grout- it allows the tile to stand out.

Contract Is Bold

You may not want to use the same color of the grout as the tile. You can also decide to contrast it with a darker grout (but not too dark!). Sometimes you’ll find a dark grey grout used with a white subway tile. That’s a more bold design, but it will take more work and money to look good. When you contrast grout, you’ve got a busier look, and it highlights all grout lines.

Think About Durability

For kitchens and bathrooms, white grout is super standard, but the only undoing is that white stains easily. That’s why you’ll often see mold or stains on white mold- if not well maintained through regular cleaning by reputable Toowoomba Grout Cleaners – avoiding it is a bit challenging. If you opt for the white, you have to be ready to deal with such if you opt for the white grout. You can also consider a light grey or a beige color if you want to avoid the white plunge. It’ll still blend perfectly well and won’t stain as easily.

Avoid Selecting It In A Vacuum.

By choosing a grout color without considering the elements around it, you’ll be making the biggest design mistake. You may want to go for a contrast look by using a dark grout against a white tile. That’s great but if you’ve busy countertops, adding a stronger element is overwhelming and unnecessary. Or you may choose light grey for a grout when your tiles and other elements are warmer tones like beiges- that will clash and thus make the tile look out of place.

When choosing a grout color, you must consider one that will blend with the elements around and easy to maintain. The grout color will either make your floor presentable or a funny piece. That’s why you must consult a flooring professional to help you make the right grout color choice.