6 Trending Benchtops for Your Kitchen in 2021

The kitchen is the most important area in a house. It’s like if your home is your heart then the kitchen would be its heartbeat. It is a place where you spend time with your family after a whole day of work enjoying your meal with a little chit-chat. So if you are planning to renovate your home kitchen should be a priority. Before you take any decision you should be clear about what type of design, benchtop, and decoration you want in your kitchen. Nowadays there are many benchtops available, choosing the right one must be done carefully taking all the considerations like durability, style, and type of the cooking that you do. For a variety of ranges in benchtops, you should DIY Laminate Kitchen Benchtops at Kaboodle.

Types of Benchtops You Should Consider:

The choices in the different appearance, glance, texture, and color of the surface are almost endless. You have to find something that suits your style, depending on whether your home is modern, traditional, elegant, or industrial. Here are some of the benchtop ideas:


Hevea is a fair and light-colored timber that’s both versatile and well built.  It is sourced from rubber plantation trees and gives your kitchen a classic look. Hevea provides the perfect, eco-friendly finishing touch. Hevea comes in a range of choices you can choose according to the color of your cabinets and trim.


Jarrah is known for its unique features,i.e, durability, versatility, and strength. It is an Australian hardwood timber that differs in color from rich reds to browns.. It is also fire resistant. These are naturally occurring giving the benchtop character and making valuable and different good quality pieces.


Laminate benchtops give you a great option, budget and range-wise. They have been manufactured from wood products covered with laminate. There are hundreds of custom looks available in the laminated type of benchtops. They are often manufactured to copy other materials like marble, stone, or wood. You can go for a modern look or play with a theme all depending on your needs and expectations.


Bambucha is a fair and light-toned matte laminate that resembles and feels like real bamboo, featuring a pragmatic texture and a homely aesthetic that is paired perfectly with a dark or light color scheme.

Stainless Steel:

Stainless steel benchtop textures are the ones preferred by chefs. It is hard and heat-resistant  and also it can be wrapped over worktops and island benches formed perfectly into the kitchen washbasin and work surfaces and used for drawers and shelves, too.


Marble is a timeless and enlightened gorgeous, elegant and natural stone. Marble goes well with modern kitchen designs and lighting choices and mixed metal accents. It  comes with an affordable bill and substantial maintenance.

Your kitchen is the core of your house so you should make the right choice and make sure that you have a benchtop that turns your kitchen into a place where you will cherish every moment you spend there.