Are Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets A Fashionable Choice

The design of a kitchen is mainly influenced by the type of cabinets installed. Therefore, homeowners have to compare different designs and think of the best option before they can start their remodeling project.

Over years, farmhouse kitchen cabinets have been featured in kitchen spaces. It is a traditional design that can still be found in modern homes. The big question that most homeowners would want to answer before they can commit to installing this type of cabinet is whether it is still fashionable.

This question forms the basis of the discussion where we will review everything that you need to know about farmhouse kitchens and if it is an option that you can have in your kitchen space.

What Defines Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets?

Farmhouse kitchen cabinets are known for their simple design that makes them timeless. The simplicity of their designs is anchored on several features that can help us to uncover the look and function of farmhouse kitchen cabinets.

Down Home Feel 

The overall features of farmhouse cabinets help to create natural coziness and comfort in the kitchen. The comfort is created by the mannerisms of the cabinets, which are naturally laid back and look less formal compared to other country-style kitchens.

Simple Design 

Another great feature that sets farmhouse kitchens aside is their unpretentious design that is simple and straightforward. They are not heavy in details and put less emphasis on ornaments. Instead, farmhouse kitchen cabinets have simple lines that make them pretty simple.

Natural Materials 

The inspiration for farmhouse cabinetry is the natural environment. It is a classic country-style cabinetry design that brings the outdoors into the kitchen using solid hardwood as the main material. If you love nature, then farmhouse cabinetry can be a great way to remodel your kitchen space.

Rustic Appeal

The rugged elements in farmhouse kitchen cabinets give the whole kitchen a rustic appeal. The wood used to manufacture the cabinets has a natural finish that makes it unique. You can also find farmhouse cabinetry complemented with handcrafted and vintage accessories just to accentuate the rustic appeal.

Textured Touches 

Another characteristic that defines farmhouse cabinetry is the textured surfaces and finishes. This feature is characteristic of the inherent natural materials used to manufacture farmhouse cabinetry.

In modern farmhouse kitchen cabinets, you can find modern additions for textures like reclaimed wood accents and glass inserts. You should talk to the manufacturer of your cabinets if you want to have the modern additional features incorporated into your farmhouse cabinetry.

White and Light Colors 

The acceptable color preference for farmhouse kitchen cabinets creates an airy feeling that utilizes white and light hues. Therefore, the ambiance created by this color pattern is uniquely exciting.

Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Design

The design of farmhouse cabinetry is mainly composed of natural elements. Natural wood is the trademark of farmhouse cabinetry.

You will rarely find synthetic materials like thermofoil or laminates featured in farmhouse cabinets. Instead, wood is consistent throughout the design of the kitchen cabinets. The reason behind the use of natural materials is to create a cozy atmosphere and to recreate the natural environment in the kitchen.

Types Of Wood Used In Farmhouse Cabinetry 

High-quality wood types like maple, oak, and cherry are the most popular wood types used to make farmhouse kitchen cabinets. These wood types are known for their strength and good aesthetics.

Investing in these types of wood means that your kitchen cabinets will last for a long time.

Reasons To Install Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets

Unique Design 

Are you tired of the normal cabinets in most kitchens? Why not try something unique like farmhouse kitchen cabinetsIt is an excellent option for wealthy homeowners or anyone who wants to create a wealthy appeal in their kitchens.

The simple design coupled with the rustic look is simply gorgeous. However, you will need a somewhat large kitchen space to make this concept conceivable. A small kitchen space will limit the aesthetic appearance of the farmhouse cabinets.

Lasts for a Long Time ‘

You don’t need to install new cabinets once you buy and install farmhouse cabinets for your kitchen. The use of hardwood makes them a perfect choice for homeowners that are looking for long-lasting cabinets for their kitchen spaces.

Modern Touch

In as much as farmhouse kitchen cabinets are traditional, they have a modern touch that can make you comfortable.

Farmhouse cabinetry design tips

If you have settled on farmhouse cabinetry, you can try out these ideas:

Add a Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is a necessity in most kitchen spaces. It acts as a source of diversion from other kitchen elements. However, the most important reason for creating this space is to have a place for family meetings and a dining area within the kitchen.

Ensure that the kitchen island is complementary to the farmhouse kitchen cabinets installed. Check that the colors are well contrasting to create a harmonious kitchen space. Also, make your kitchen island as large as it can be; of course, be mindful of the total kitchen space.

Industrial Pendant Lighting

Do you have a kitchen island already? Why not add an industrial pendant light on top of it? This is an excellent idea that will make your kitchen space look spacious and wonderful. It also serves the purpose of warming your kitchen as well as creating a welcoming feel.

Open Shelving 

This is just an idea that you can start thinking about if you have limited kitchen space. Open shelves are great for saving space and also good for aesthetics. You will need an interior designer to redesign the farmhouse kitchen cabinets into open shelves.

You can also check some ideas on Pinterest to gauge if this is an idea that you can go ahead with.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, farmhouse kitchen cabinets are worth it. You can install them in your kitchen and enjoy the rustic feeling in your kitchen space.

A simple move to install this type of cabinet will also improve the overall value of your home, thus, offering a good return on investment.