Are you Looking for the Perfect Addition to your Bedding Collection?

It is akin to a crime to underestimate what you can do to the look of a room with just the perfect bedding linen. Your right selection can either powerfully transform your space for the better or just as easily make it look rough around the edges. Before you get into the actual market armed with your knowledge and insight about bedding bundles, you must do a little beforehand research before you get into the existing market. A bedding bundle primarily consists of a bedsheet (depending on your bed size), Duvet cover, and pillow covers. The La’Marvel experience in bedding bundles aims to provide you with the widest margin of variety in design, patterns, colours, and different assortment of bedding linen within one bundle.

When buying yourself a bedding bundle, the first thing to consider is to know what factors come into play when questioning the quality of bedding linen. The higher the thread count, the greater the quality of the bedding. La’Marvel offers 300 thread count bedding linens for our highest quality fabric. This count enables a single-ply weave that makes the linen breathable, soft, and wonderfully dreamy!

All your dreams coincide in one place, and that is in between our blissful bedding linens and your bed. La’Marvel makes sure that our fabric is your ticket to heavenly dreamlands and effortless slumber, and for that purpose, we have our sateen sheets. La’Marvels sateen fabric is made for your summer months and the cold breezy season. During summers, our sateen sheets keep the temperature cool as their weave doesn’t let any sweat accumulate between the folds and avoids added humidity and suffocation for the sleeper. Steen sheets are silky and soft to the touch.

Apart from sateen, your other choice of fabrics for bedding is percale, which has a crispier and neat look. Percale sheets have a double or triple ply instead of a single ply. The third choice of fabric for your bedding is linen; linen is a low-maintenance fabric and stiffer. It tends to get wrinkled faster than the other two types of fabrics.

When you have decided upon the fabric you want for your la’marvel, you must move onto selecting an appropriate design that goes with your interior and colour scheme. La Marvel offers all kinds of colour schemes and aesthetics to choose from. If you are going for a more bold and masculine look in your room, you might want to go for darker, more neutral tones. You can also go the other way around and maybe soften the look of your bold room with softer pastel neutral bedding or La’Marvels stripes collection that comes in both 2cm and 3 cm stripes.

Your aesthetic may also revolve around a more pastel and feminine look to your room, for which you should opt for a patterned look from our collection. La’Marvels collection also includes all types of designs for the royal look and consisting of gold and silver tones in plain and patterned designs.

Stop by at La Marvel to go through the range of possibilities. La Marvel also offers a jacquard bedding collection that is very distinctive in its look because of the unique property that the weave compromises. Jacquard weave has a pattern that is woven into the fabric rather than being printed on.

The canvas is limitless, and we at La’Marvel are all up for filling the most vibrant colours and designs to create for you a world of choices and possibilities, so what are you waiting for? Rush to our store’s online or in-person and select your favourite bedding bundle.