Benefits of Regular Boiler Servicing and Maintenance

Benefits of Regular Boiler Servicing and Maintenance


Boiler servicing and maintenance is essential for all boilers, but especially so if you have a condensing boiler. Condensing boilers are more complex than other types of boilers and require regular attention to ensure they continue to work properly.


Regular servicing is also important for maintaining your boiler’s efficiency and reducing the risk of breakdowns. It’s important that you find a reliable boiler engineer who you can trust to carry out the work properly.


Here are some benefits of regular boiler servicing and maintenance:

Reduced Risk Of Breakdowns

Boiler breakdowns can be expensive, especially if they occur during cold weather when heating is needed most. Regular servicing helps keep your boiler in good working order so it’s less likely to break down unexpectedly.

Improved Efficiency

Regular servicing can help reduce fuel bills by ensuring your boiler is operating efficiently. This means you’ll spend less money on gas or electricity for heating your home or business premises.

Prevent Fires

A poorly maintained boiler has more chances of overheating and causing a fire than one that’s regularly serviced by a qualified technician. For example, if there’s debris blocking one of the pipes inside your boiler, this can cause it to overheat which could result in a fire breaking out around your home. A professional technician will perform regular checks on all parts of your boiler so they can spot any potential issues before they become major problems.

A safer Boiler

Boiler servicing is vital for preventing fires. A yearly check-up will ensure that your boiler is safe and in good working order. It will also help you understand its potential faults so that you can take action before it becomes an issue.

Less Wear And Tear On Your Home

Boiler maintenance keeps your boiler running smoothly, which in turn helps prevent premature wear on other parts of your home like radiators or piping systems. Boiler repairs can also be costly if not done correctly by an expert technician, so regular maintenance helps keep costs down over time as well as protecting your home from further damage caused by neglecting service needs.


The Benefits Of A Boiler Maintenance Plan vs Boiler Servicing Only

Boiler Servicing Includes:

An inspection of the boiler and controls – this will check that everything is as it should be and any faults are identified and rectified.


The pressure relief valve (PRV) test – this tests that the PRV functions correctly when there is a change in pressure in the system.


The flue gas test – this checks the exhaust gases from your boiler, which can reveal problems such as carbon monoxide leaks from faulty flues, flues that need cleaning or blocked chimneys.