Bunk Beds for Kids

Bunk Beds for Kids

The Perfect Room Arrangement For Your Children

Space is often a problem when creating the perfect room arrangement for your children especially when they are living in the same room. The children’s bunk beds can be the perfect solution in this case and it is not a surprise that they are the most sought-after type of furniture for kids’ bedrooms. The style of the traditional bunk bed has mostly maintained its same form throughout the decades that is testament to the creativity of the initial idea. It’s tough to change an original design, and the basic concept of having two separate bed frames that can be stacked to conserve space remains just as well-liked and timeless as it’s always been.

Metal and solid wood bunk beds are among the most flexible, not just are they durable, but they can also be given a brand new look by painting or varnishing them and buying new mattresses. Another advantage is the possibility of being sold or transferred to other family members once your children have outgrown the bed.

Variations On The Bunk Bed Theme

There are a variety of bed styles that evolved from the idea of a traditional bunk. Mid-sleepers and captain’s beds are only two examples.

When you incorporate other furniture pieces into the design, the savings in space could be substantial. A few mid-sized beds will have shelving, wardrobe space and even a desk for study When you think about how much space these particular pieces of furniture for children would be taking up, the benefits are obvious and not forgetting the savings in cost.

Buying a Children’s Bunk Bed

The most important thing is to take an open mind to the variety and styles of bunk beds you can, but here are some tips to keep in mind:

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Ideally, you will see the bunk that is constructed. This will provide you with the idea as to how the parts work and also the overall quality of the build. Beds made of tubular steel may vary in their quality extensively, which is why these beds warrant a greater evaluation. The bed that is lightweight could be simple to move and set up, however two active kids will soon test the limits of the bed.

Keep in mind how easy the bunk bed is to disassemble and assemble. In the beginning, this shouldn’t be problematic, but when decorating the room, moving rooms or moving home, you will require a bed that is able to be dismantled then put up effortlessly and swiftly.

Be on the lookout for future, too. A bunk bed that is easily divided into two separate beds is the most versatile. Metal bunk beds do not provide this function, but most wooden beds have it.

If your children will likely host guests, then you should think about having a bunk bed that incorporates truckle beds on the bottom. The simple beds that can be pulled out are great for occasional sleep-overs, and they can be used to create a useful storage space.

Safety Of Your Child Is Important

Safety of your child should be important when you purchase bunk beds. Access ladders must be securely constructed and shouldn’t be difficult to remove as well as the upper bunk must contain guard rails to stop kids from falling from the top. They should also be designed in that children is not able to accidentally take them off.

Some bunks come with mattresses that are complete, and in other bunks, they are sold with mattresses separately. Keep the fact in your mind when you compare costs. Make sure that the bed is able to accommodate the standard size single mattress, and not be an unusual size in which you have to purchase an extra mattress that typically is a bit higher in cost. If you are on a tight budget but desire the highest quality, think about buying second-hand bunk beds. The traditional wooden beds could be repainted and given fresh new look with mattresses that are brand new, nobody will be able to tell the distinction.

Whichever bunk bed you decide to purchase, it’s essential to be patient and think about every option. Do not be influenced just by the price; usually there is a difference in a low mattress and a top one is just two pounds more and will be much more compensated over the years of usage that your children will gain from it.