Can a Locksmith Make a Key Without a Key?

A locksmith can make you a new key even without an original one. If the current key isn’t available, locksmiths know different ways to make one. All of them require specialized training and tools, but there is nothing impossible for a good locksmith.

Cutting the Key by Code

Locksmiths use 3 basic methods of making a new key without an original one. Let’s begin with the easiest of them.

Almost all original keys have a number that may be stumped on them or written in the lock’s manual. Here we can give you a great lifehack how to save your time and money:

  • you should become familiar with this data. In case you need a new key you would be able to provide the technician with the information he needs. Therefore, you will hasten the process and get your new key in a short time.

When the locksmith has the code he can begin the process. He will use a key code cutting machine and an appropriate key blank to make a new key. And within a few minutes you will have a working key.

Unfortunately, not all the keys have the code stumped on them or mentioned in the lock’s manual. Only licensed locksmiths can obtain such information through specialized sources. If you have this kind of trouble, you should ask for help from the reliable locksmith company. One of the best companies in this area is Sure Lock & Key, they offer you services of licensed locksmith for reasonable prices.

Impression the Lock

Impressioning is an advanced locksmith skill that needs a lot of time and practice. All the procedure starts with choosing the right key blank that is impossible without appropriate knowledge. Later the technician sharpens the edge of the blank key and puts it into a lock. The next step demands strength and precision. After inserting the key blank into the lock the locksmith starts to twist the key blank. So the pins in the lock mark the key blank. Now the locksmith needs all his skills and accuracy to “read” the marks correctly and make a working key.

All of these manipulations require special tools and a knowledge of the safety issues because they can cause hand injuries.

In conclusion, we want to give you some helpful lifehack that can save your time:

  • get an extra key (as many as you need) as soon as you get a new car or new house without a complete set of keys. Then put it somewhere easy to find (for you and your relatives). A locksmith will easily make a copy (if necessary).

Disassemble the Lock

This method is used when the previous two were unsuccessful. In this case, a locksmith disassembles the whole lock cylinder in a non-destructive way. All of the internal mechanisms within the cylinder have to be unbroken. Now the technician has an access to the pins located within the cylinder. He examines the elements of the lock and their specific features to make a new working key. This is the hardest method of making a new key when the current one isn’t available. Therefore you should be sure that the technician who provides locksmith services has enough qualification. But some companies, such as Sure Lock & Key, hire only professionals who constantly improve their skills so you can be totally calm.

Does It Cost so Much to Make a Key Without a Key?

The price of producing a new key mainly depends on the method used by the technician. So, for example, if you can give the locksmith a code of the key it won’t cost you much. But sometimes a fear of huge bills for locksmith services forces people to try and make a new key by themselves. But it would be better for you, your lock, and your nerves to trust the task of making a new key to a locksmith company. You can easily find a local company with good prices and excellent services at the same time. One of the best locksmith companies with great 24-hour locksmith services is Sure Lock & Key.