Choose the Right Curtain for Your Home

Choose the Right Curtain for Your Home

Curtains make the room when chosen wisely. The colour, fabric, length of the curtain: all of these help in styling the room perfectly. The options for curtains in the market are huge, and with so many varieties to choose from, chances of you getting overwhelmed are higher. Let us check some simple tips on selecting the right curtain for your home.


The most vital factor while selecting a curtain is to consider the right height of the door or windows. The curtain should extend well past the window and land right above the floor. The interior designers suggest to hang the curtains a few inches above the window to make the ceiling look higher than they are – it is all about the illusion the curtain height gives.


When buying the curtain for your home, go with the theme of the room. Ensure that the curtain compliments the existing wall colour in the room, Select the curtain pattern, design and colour that matches with the theme of the room. Neutral coloured one the best, though bolder options are also equally liked by many.


There is various fabric material available for the curtain. It is recommended to rate the curtains year around. During the winter, use the heavier gauge options that will help you to keep the house warmer. And in summer, use the light-gauge material or sheer curtains that help in filling light and air inside the rooms. Remember that the sunlight can fade the colour of the fabric over time. Avoid a brighter coloured curtain where there is more light as it tends to fade faster.

Choose the Right Curtain for Your Home

The curtains are available in various materials – linen, silk, faux silk and velvet are the best-chosen fabric for the window treatments as they tend to hand the best. Faux silk is more durable, and in a room with plenty of sunlight, faux silk does not depreciate as quickly as the real silk.


It is tricky to balance the pattern on the curtains. Little to no pattern makes it look boring, and the ones with too many patterns attract children, but elders may not like it. Try to pick the simple pattern in a neutral or pastel colour to enhance the styling of the room. The vertical striped curtain can also make the ceiling give the illusion of height than the height of the ceiling. Too much heavy curtain may not fold crisply when drawn to aside and it may not fall well. Check with the curtain company Leeds for more patterns and designs.


The drape of the curtain refers to the curtain drags along the floor. To achieve the modern or contemporary look, the curtains should drop an inch above the floor. Pleat the curtain like an accordion at the top and let it drape down to give a beautiful look.


Washing of the curtain is another factor that you should consider while purchasing the curtains.  Buy the dry clean or machine wash friendly curtain to ease your job. It will save your time and energy in the long run.