Common Problems With Air Conditioners and What Causes Them

Air conditioning is essential to modern life. From the comfort it provides in our homes and businesses, air conditioners are an essential part of what makes this country great. People do not want to experience something as unpleasant as spending a hot summer day with no A/C at home.

Especially when there is nothing we can do about it except suffer through one more scorching-hot season like last year was (or any other). You have heard of the Palm Beach AC repair. You know that they are always ready to cater to your HVAC needs anytime, anywhere, right?

Well, guess what? You don’t think about it until it’s too late and then when summertime comes around again, but alas! Your air conditioner doesn’t work like usual or turns off on its own, which is why professionals are there in your reach.

Air conditioning is a necessary part of life, but many people don’t know how to maintain or fix their unit when it stops working.

This cheat sheet will help get your system up and running again with the knowledge you need! It covers common causes for breakdowns as well as easy steps you can take to prevent future problems from arising.

Common Problems of Air Conditioners

With the summer quickly approaching, more and more homeowners are starting their central air systems.

Those who opt to skip out on maintenance may find that it’s not as cool or powerful as expected when they go outside for another daylong session with friends.

Check the common problems homeowners experience with their HVAC units and determine if you need to check it up with your contractor.

  • Not Turning On

You know that when your outdoor unit does not turn on, it is usually because something tripped the circuit breaker. But do not worry – all you have to do is find where this “breaker” panel thingy goes to fix things up.

If the AC unit still does not work, then it’s time to check your thermostat. Non-responsive thermostats will fail in their task of communicating with other parts within an HVAC system and need repairs from a professional contractor who knows how it is done best.

Most likely, you’ll need to call a professional. If the power issue won’t be solved right away, and if there is something more serious related to your thermostat or wiring.

  • The Cool Breeze Is Not Even

You might be surprised to learn that ducts are not only used for delivering conditioned air throughout your home but also control natural heat sources.

They do this by installing dampers in the system, which can even out temperature levels across rooms depending on where windows receive lots of sun or shade.

Your AC contractor will work with you to ensure that the air conditioning in your home is customized for each room or area.

  • Can’t Feel The Cool Breeze

The air conditioning doesn’t feel cool? Maybe the problem lies with your control board. Otherwise, the refrigerant may be responsible for altering its normal functioning and needs servicing or replacing.

Properly disposing of refrigerant can be hazardous. For your safety, wait for an EPA-certified contractor to come by and deliver the right care that will keep you safe.

  • Condenser Turns On and Off Repeatedly

The outdoor condenser unit contains safety controls that automatically shut down the system when the pressure drops below a certain level.

Once this happens, it is not only annoying but also dangerous because of the potential for leaks or other disasters. It can be hard to explain why things go wrong during summer heat waves without sounding like you’re talking out loud into space.

If your air conditioning contractor notices any problems with the condenser, they can assess safety features to ensure proper functionality.

When your air conditioning system turns on and off in rapid succession, it could be because of short cycling.

It is when the machine can’t reach the temperature on its thermostat or does so too soon. It will happen while constantly turning itself back onto energy sources like electricity (which runs most appliances).

The Typical Causes

Most people don’t like to pry on what deeply causes their air conditioner to malfunction. Especially when summer arrives, that’s the time where your system starts to go crazy. Check these common causes:

  1. Faulty Circuit Breaker or Fuse – A piece of metal inside has melted, a burning smell, hot to touch, and visible damage are the causes of a faulty breaker or fuse.

Always check your circuit breaker or fuse to avoid malfunction. When replacing, give at least 15 minutes to cool down first before doing it. If you have a doubt about doing the following things, seek an expert technician.

  1. Refrigerant Leak – You may know there is leaking when you reach higher utility bills, hissing sound, and ice on evaporator coils. Leaking will prevent the system from producing cool air. Seek an expert technician.
  2. Frozen Coil – When filters are getting blocked by dust, the air flows will cause a frozen coil. Your responsibility is to regularly clean or replace your air filter is a great idea to prevent.
  3. Damaged Fan Blades, Compressor, Electrical Connections, and Contacts – Old air conditioners are usually experiencing damaged parts. Annual maintenance is recommended. Looking then replacing damaged parts is essential when having an old air conditioner. Get help from an HVAC contractor or experts.
  4. Faulty Thermostat – Unresponsive or no power, your AC temperature, and setting doesn’t match are common causes of a faulty thermostat. If it’s not working properly, your air conditioner will fail to work.

Turn off, open the thermostat. inspect the wire, fix the wire, close the thermostat, and restore the power. These are the basic steps in fixing the thermostat. If you are having doubts about doing the steps, get help from a technician.

Get Help with Your Faulty AC Today!

Be a responsible owner of your own AC, always check and be aware. Your air conditioner should maintain its effectiveness and functionality so that it will last many years. An expert technician will help you find and fix your problems at AC Repair West Palm Beach.