Dealing With Bed Bugs: Prevention and Treatment Options

Dealing With Bed Bugs: Prevention and Treatment Options

When your bed is infested with bed bugs, then there are numerous ways through which you can get rid of them. However, people always get confused about how they should tackle this situation. They are unaware of whether they should use some remedies or call a professional to solve their problems.

It depends upon the infestation; if the infestation is small, then you can treat it with natural means. However, if the infestation is on a large scale, or your entire house is infected, hiring a pest control provider will be a better option.

Use Encasements

When someone is sure that there is a bed bug infestation, then to prevent them, one can encase their bed. Traping the bed bugs by encasing the box spring and mattress would be best. There are various sheets and zippers present in the market that can help you achieve this.

Replacing the entire mattress can be highly expensive; thus, this is a cost-effective option through which you can restrict the bugs from coming outside and keep you safe from them.

Heat Application

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Another natural remedy is heat application, which effectively kills bed bugs. In this, the fabrics are laundered in hot water; due to this, all the bugs present in the fabric get killed. These bugs cannot survive in high temperatures; therefore, this is a good way to deal with them.

Bugs cannot endure temperatures over 45 degrees Celsius or 113 degrees Fahrenheit. So you can keep the bugs at a high temperature for an hour then it will kill all the bugs present in the bed sheet.

Cold or Lower Temperature

If the infestation is not that large, then you can kill the bugs by keeping them at a cold temperature. However, you need to maintain a temperature of 18 degrees Celsius or less to finish them off. Removing all the bugs from the object will take four days at this temperature. For this home, a freezer cannot be enough so that they can take a more extended period mentioned earlier.

Pest Control

When the infestation is massive, you should hire a pest control provider. These providers are knowledgeable and know everything about bed bugs so that they can find them quickly. Pest control can remove the bugs with or without using chemicals.

So one can see which methods they prefer to get rid of the bed bugs. The providers have effective chemicals that can minimise the infestation in no time; they also know which chemicals to use that do not affect your health.


Some people prefer to use chemicals on their own, but these might not solve your problems. That is because the chemicals available to the public for killing bed bugs are ineffective and can be harmful. The providers know the right procedure or solution to kill a specific type of bed bug.

Therefore it will be best to consider the advice of a professional services provider to prevent bugs. The above provided were some of the preventive measures and treatment options that you can use to control bed bug infestation.