Door Lock Issues That Can Lock You Out Of The House

Door Lock Issues That Can Lock You Out Of The House

Misaligned keys, rumpled latch systems, or inadequate lubrication- these are a few signs that can tell if your door lock requires a repair. Door lock issues are common with many residents, as these lock fasteners eventually wear out with time. They may start to get loose, get unlocked with a bit of difficulty as the key might not turn, or get locked now and then. In some cases, debris and dust get stuck in the door locks due to bad weather and cause intermittent locking problems.

Usually, cold weather also affects the door frame, leading to poor friction between the door and the lock. So if you find your luck in the colder months, you are good to go. You can find a variety of door locks in the market and choose as per your security preference, and in addition to that, one can install a state-of-the-art door lock that is a no-drill piece and can be fixed with adhesive parts. These are relatively familiar with stately homes, manor houses, and a few estate residences. You can also find chubb door locks, deadbolt locks, cam and mortise locks, etc.

Different types of door locks have other locking procedures. Usually, one might not give much thought to select a door lock, but it is highly essential to purchase a good quality lock like chubb door locks that keeps your belongings safe and secure when you step out of your home. An individual only considers changing a lock when something happens to it. Either it gets worn out, or something gets wrong.

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Below are a few cases where your door lock could go wrong and how it could affect you –

  • Shattered Key In The Door Lock – It is the most frustrating and annoying issue that you may face with your door lock- when the key gets broken midway, and you’re stuck with half of its piece in your hand and the other half in the lock. It typically happens when a person is in a rush and storms at the lock to twist the doorknob. In such a case, an individual generally gets locked out of the house when things start to crumble. You may try to break open the latch forcefully, but it will only lead to extensive damage to the door.
  • Rumpled Lock – Misaligned door locks are the real trouble for any resident- imperfectly positioned locking parts, strike plates fixed in an unorganized way, or latch bolts not lining up when you insert the key. Such little things contribute to a major door lock issue and often result in the warping of the doorframe. Ultimately, your door will not get appropriately locked due to the misalignment, and there would be constant exposure to your essentials kept in the house. Further, if you procrastinate the repair service, in this case, you may end up paying excessive charges for a broken door lock or the complete mechanism.
  • Jammed Door Lock – Suppose you are leaving for a meeting and are in a rush. You go out and lock the door but forgets to bring a vital case file with you. You go back to your house but find the door lock jammed. This might have happened due to excess debris accumulation in the door lock mechanism. In some cases, the latch bolt gets broken, due to which your door can get jammed. In both situations, you will be locked out of your house. Such problems should not be neglected, and the best thing to do is acquire a locksmith/service member to repair your door lock. You can also invest in chubb door locks that provide superior quality.

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