Elevado New Capital: When Gold Meets Gold

Elevado New Capital: When Gold Meets Gold


Elevado mall is one of the most prominent malls in the New Administrative capital, starting from its proximity to the other shops, ending with the name of its well-known developer “RNA Developments”.


Mall of Elevado Tower New Capital overlooks the Gold Market, which makes the mall more integrated by being one of the most malls that has integrated services offered at the same area.


Speaking of the area, we should have mentioned that the mall exists over an area of 2000 meters, these is the net area that includes the mall itself and its surroundings.


The mall is composed of 10 floors, each floor is specialized in a certain activity, that is what creates the multiple variations within the Mall of Elevado Tower in the New Administrative Capital, these variations are formed in the different businesses that are provided there between commercial units, cafes, restaurants, clinics, medical units, offices and administrative units, which makes Elevado Mall very comprehensive.

Areas & Prices in Elevado Tower

The units’ prices and areas differ as per the activity of the unit, here we will mention the different areas and prices for each unit:


  • Commercial units, cafes and restaurants areas start from 20 meters and its price per meter start from 28,000 EGP
  • The clinics and the medical units’ spaces start from 34 meters and the prices of these units start from 21,000 EGP for each meter.
  • As per the administrative offices, the prices start from 15,000 EGP and its areas start from 34 meters as on the clinics and medical units.
  • The pharmacies’ prices in Elevado Mall New Capital start from 105,000 EGP and the spaces there reaches 75 meters (double face entrances)

Features of Elevado Mall New Capital

  • The project is air conditioned
  • The mall overlooks great landscapes, and it surrounds it from everywhere
  • There are electric panoramic elevators within the mall
  • There are firefighting systems for the safety of the owners, employees and visitors
  • There are conference room within Elevado Tower New Capital that are equipped with all that can be needed there
  • there are camera security systems to monitor the mall all over the day.

Previous Projects of RNA (The Owner Company)

RNA Developments have already established many projects whether within the New Administrative Capital or out of it, and here we will mention the projects that were established other than Elevado Mall New Capital over the last 20 years by RNA Development for real estate:


  • They established Abu Dhabi International Airport
  • Al Raha Beach that exist within Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • They also built Kuwait University
  • Dammam Business Complex within Saudi Arabia
  • Fashion Village in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia