Fashion Lovers: 10 Wall Fashion Posters for Your Living Room

Fashion Lovers: 10 Wall Fashion Posters for Your Living Room


Are you a fashion lover? Are you into the beauty industry? If you are, then we have great news for you. There are unique fashion posters, inspiring, and allowing you to express your inner emotions. As you might know, fashion, just like art, must be bespoke, which means no-two fashion collections are the same. The fashion poster collection is excellent if you want to create a unique space in your living quarters. Stylish walls are the best if you are looking for the extra-fashionista feeling.

Here is a collection of the best inspiring quotes and poster ideas to choose from if fashion is on your mind.

Boat On a Beach

The above poster depicts a boat moored on a beach on a sunny day. The mountain wall and the lake in the background provide a magnificent image that can only increase the aesthetic quotient of any wall you choose to hang it on. Pair it with some of other posters from the fashion collection for the best results.

Coco, Yves, Pierre, And Karl Text Poster


The poster is a simple text image in bold black letters of famous fashion designer names. Fashion and especially the French haute couture owe a lot to the famous quartet of Coco Chanel, Pierre Cardin, Yves Saint Laurent, and Karl Lagerfeld. All of them not only created brands but some of the most iconic designs of all time. If the masters inspire you, then here is the chance to show your admiration and respect with this legends’ poster.

Ballerina in Peach-Colored Tutu Outline Poster


The ballerina poster looks like a flower and a fairy at the same time. With the peach-colored tutu, the picture is a vivid representation of a dance scene. The ballerina is frozen-in-motion, dancing barefoot, on her toes – a picture of grace, poise, and skill. The skill that has taken hours to develop and practice. Ballet originated in the 15th century in Italy and spread like a wild-fire throughout the western world. Ballerina dresses have always been a fashion interest with changes in the costume design, skirt styles, hem-designs, and necklines throughout its evolution as a dance form. The tutu design creates an impression of lightness and is a perfect ornament for your walls.

Crushed Eyeshadow in White Background Poster


This piece is a macro shot of smudged brown eyeshadow in white background. Eyeshadow is one of the more prominent cosmetics for women in the fashion industry. It can be used to accentuate the eyes as well as for creating special effects and embellishments. The modern eyeshadow has come a long way from the Kohl used in ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece. It is no-longer hard to remove and doesn’t cause any sort of irritation. Historically, lined eyes were a sign of affluence. Create an abstract effect with this poster – this works well in a minimalist ambiance.

Girl in Low-Back Dress in Floral Background


This poster depicts a colored sketch of a girl in a backless dress. Backless dresses have always been a rage ever since they were introduced in the 1920s. These are ideal to show-off a tan without the distracting tan lines. The dress makes the wearer look sexy with the exposed shoulder blades.

Fashions Fade, Style Is Eternal Text Poster


This poster is the illustration of a very famous quote by the French designer Yves Saint Laurent. The “Fashions fade, style is eternal” is printed in black on a white background. It is always important to remember that fashion consistently plays a crucial role in our society.

Women in White Tank Top Poster


This poster depicts a woman in a white tank top against a brightly lit background. Pair this with any of the items from the fashion collection.

Pink Dress Watercolor Illustration Poster


This poster is a charming watercolor image of a pink dress with a white background. Pink is a color of universal love, inner peace, affection, and harmony. It is highly suitable for bedroom walls due to the feelings it brings.

Paris Street with Pedestrians


This poster is an illustration of pedestrians on Paris Street with the Eiffel tower in the background. Personal has always been the ultimate fashion destination, and therefore you should pick this piece to adorn your living quarters’ walls.

Bird Girl Embracing Legs in A Nest Poster


This poster is an image manipulation piece and depicts a bird girl embracing her legs in a nest. This poster is ideal for spacious rooms and contemporary, modern interior designs.

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