Here Is How You Can Have Your Potholes Fixed With Asphalt Resurfacing


Potholes not only look unsightly, but they can cause damage to your vehicle. If your driveway has them it might time for an upgrade. A simple and effective way to do this is by resurfacing with asphalt. It will give your driveway a brand-new look and it will be bump-free and smooth to drive on.

Why Do Driveways Get Potholes?

It’s likely if your driveway has potholes that it is older and probably seen better days. Or it could be from an inferior installation. Potholes typically occur over time from water penetrating the surface of the asphalt. It gets down into the subgrade underneath and erodes the material. Once the material is compromised and a heavy vehicle drives over it, it shifts it out of place.

Why Are Older Driveways More Prone To Potholes?

The top layer of your driveway acts as a defence and when it is sealed and intact, water cannot get in but, if it has cracks or is excessively worn, it’s easier for water to penetrate the underlying layers and, in turn, it will be more susceptible to potholes. Some driveways such as gravel don’t offer the durability that some others do, and this is primarily because the surface is not sealed, and the material isn’t set so, it can shift under the weight of a vehicle and cause sinking making the surface uneven. Concrete driveways are extremely durable but, if they get cracks in them, water can seep in affect the structural integrity and once driven on, it can cause a pothole.

Why Should I Get My Entire Driveway Resurfaced Instead Of Just Fixing The Potholes?

There are many benefits to resurfacing your entire driveway rather than fixing the existing potholes, here are some:


How to Fix a Hole in an Asphalt Driveway: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

Aesthetically Appealing

Having pothole patches all over your driveway can detract from the appeal of your home. They often aren’t colour matched and stand out very obviously. By resurfacing the entire driveway, you get a seamless finish that looks new. It can increase your curb appeal and potentially add value to your home.

Prevents Imminent Repairs

When you repair your potholes only, it fixes the hole and that’s it, if your driveway has other areas that are compromised but haven’t yet formed potholes, you may need to have the company out again to fix those when they do start to form. By resurfacing all your driveway, repairs are something you won’t have to worry about for a very long time.

Can Save You Money

Having your entire driveway resurfaced rather than individually repairing potholes can save you money in the long run. While pothole repairs are a great short-term solution, the remaining area will need to be done eventually anyway and having pothole repairs everywhere can make it harder to get a perfect finish when resurfacing.

Why You Should Consider Asphalt Resurfacing For Your Driveway


You can get a great looking driveway for less by resurfacing with asphalt. Unlike some other driveway materials, asphalt is a budget-friendly option.

Quick To Lay

Asphalt is relatively quick to lay and you can walk on it after a couple of hours which makes it a much more convenient option.

It Is Durable And Long-Lasting

Asphalt lasts an extremely long time, it’s flexible and can withstand slight earth movements without the risk of it cracking. It can bear heavy vehicles and machinery with ease. It’s perfect for high-use areas as it will stand the test of time.

How Are Potholes Repaired With Asphalt Resurfacing?

The technique can vary depending on the condition of your driveway but generally, we cut away the damaged portion of the driveway if it’s significant or for smaller damage, we will repair the pothole. Once the patchwork is completed, we will then clean off the driveway to make way for a new layer of asphalt. The asphalt is then laid and flattened out using a roller.

Can I Repair My Driveway Potholes Myself?

This isn’t a good idea unless you are a trained professional and have the correct machinery and equipment. DIYing your potholes incorrectly may see your vehicle get damaged from inferior filling or worse, a person might trip on the uneven surface materials and get injured. As we mentioned, repairing potholes is a temporary fix and if you have used inferior products or a technique that is not recommended to fill your potholes, resurfacing at a later date can be more expensive. The DIY areas will need to be fixed before the new asphalt can be laid, and this can cost you more money.

How Can I Prevent Potholes In My Driveway?

Here are some simple ways you can prevent premature wear on your driveway:

  1. Keep your driveway clean and free from debris.
  2. Pump your tyres up to the correct PSI.
  3. Store vehicles in a garage if you have one.
  4. Remove any invasive root system plants from around your driveway.

Speak To A Professional

When deciding whether to repair your potholes or resurface altogether, it’s best to speak to a professional asphalt company to discuss your options. Here at Colossal Allies Asphalt, we are veterans in the industry, and we will work with you to bring your dream driveway to life. We pride ourselves on being fast, efficient, and providing each of our customers with service that is second to none. Contact us today to organise an obligation-free quote.