How Firm Should You Choose a Mattress for Your Bed in Your Bedroom?

How Firm Should You Choose a Mattress for Your Bed in Your Bedroom?

Arranging a place to sleep is a very responsible and even exciting activity, because only a full night’s rest contributes to a good mood and performance during the day. One of the most important criteria for choosing a mattress is its firmness. It is necessary to choose soft, hard, super-hard or medium-hard products taking into account a number of nuances and rules. In this article, we will try to analyze in detail each type of hardness and find out what hardness to choose a mattress for a comfortable and good sleep, and then you can choose and buy a mattress in our online store.

Classification of Mattresses by Hardness

The modern classification of mattresses by hardness suggests 4 types. Each of them has both advantages and disadvantages. The choice of a specific product depends not only on personal preferences, but also on the state of health and the recommendations of a medical specialist who will tell you which mattress is better to sleep on and why. Therefore, each type of stiffness needs to be discussed in more detail.

Soft Mattresses

This type of product can be classified as orthopedic. Such models are made from both natural and artificial fillers.

What does low mattress rigidity mean, and what are such products for? Soft mattresses are purchased on the recommendation of medical experts in the presence of diseases of the cardiovascular system, problems with the spinal column and musculoskeletal system. In addition, these products are used by the elderly to minimize stress on the spinal column during a night’s rest. Age-related changes occupy a dominant position, because over time there is a need for a gentle regime that soft mattresses can provide.

Medium Firm Mattresses

It is believed that a medium firm mattress is better for a hard back, because such products are considered universal, because they suit most consumers. In these mattresses, soft and hard filling alternate to provide an optimal orthopedic effect. Medium-firm mattresses use coconut coir and latex to provide firmness like Idle Sleep which is a medium firm mattress.


These designs are more suitable for children and adolescents, because their spine is not yet fully formed. Too soft a product can harm an undeveloped spinal column. In addition, hard mattresses are an excellent option for people with protrusions, scoliosis, rheumatic pains and intervertebral hernias. This is because the rigid structure can fix the spinal column in an optimal position during sleep. Also, these products are used for the treatment of such pathologies. Before choosing the firmness of a mattress in the presence of rheumatoid disease, you need to consult a doctor. Only a specialist will tell you how to choose the right mattress firmness.

Super Hard

For the manufacture of mattresses of high rigidity, latex and coconut fillers are used, as well as spring blocks with an increased degree of rigidity. Such models are used by overweight people, children and adolescents who need the correct development of posture and spine.

Selecting The Firmness of the Mattress

Before purchasing a sleeping surface, you need to carefully study the characteristics of the product you like and decide what hardness you should take the mattress: soft, medium hard, hard or super hard. For this you need to take into account a lot of factors.

If people of different heights and weights will sleep on the same mattress, then it is better to choose products with different halves. But before choosing the firmness of the mattress for a double bed, you need to coordinate this moment with the doctor, giving him all the necessary information (body weight, height, health status of both family members).

The right posture for resting at night can also influence the choice of model. For example, those who like to sleep on their stomach are better off choosing mattresses with a harder surface. If you fall asleep on your side, you will feel more comfortable on soft structures. For those who prefer to rest on their backs at night, medium-hard surfaces are the most suitable mattresses. Physical activity also affects comfort. Thus, high loads assume rigidity. If physical activity is irregular, then it is better to purchase models with divided halves.

Using a mattress with different hardness of sleeping places, the sides of the surface can be changed, depending on the season. For example, the hard part is used in summer, and the more comfortable soft part is used in winter. The alternating application of different sides can also extend the life of the mattress. You can also change sides if, for example, back pain appears. But thinking about what rigidity to choose a mattress for a double bed, you need to take into account the preferences and characteristics of the body of each person who will sleep on it.

It is necessary to choose the degree of firmness of the mattress, taking into account the age, adhering to the following recommendations:

  • from 2 to 3 years old. For young children, it is better to choose springless mattresses with medium firmness. Resting on a hard sleeping surface every day in this case can be not only uncomfortable, but even dangerous to health. Medium-hard models are most suitable for children of this age category, which will ensure the correct formation of the spine and comfort. At the same time, the choice of mattress hardness for small children must be approached as responsibly as possible;
  • from 5 to 10 years old. Experts have proved that the spinal column in the human body finishes forming only by the age of 25. Along with this, it can deform if the surface for night rest is not selected correctly. Another cause of curvature is an uncomfortable position at the desk and lack of physical activity. In such a situation, it is recommended to choose rigid products with latex or coconut coir filler. The child’s spine requires a particularly reverent attitude, therefore, it is recommended to consult with a pediatrician before buying a children’s mattress;
  • from 10 to 12 years old. For children of this age group, it is better to select medium-hard models. In this case, the surfaces can be springless or spring-loaded. The choice depends on the personal preferences of the future owner of the product.
  • from 25 to 50 years old. It is necessary to select stiffness at this age taking into account the advice of a doctor and your own body weight. The doctor will also help determine which mattress is better: hard or medium firm;
  • from 50 years old. The choice of mattress firmness is made individually, depending on the allocated budget, health status and personal preferences. To find out how to choose the firmness of an orthopedic mattress for the elderly, it is advisable to consult with your doctor.

As for the choice of a mattress, taking into account weight, then you need to adhere to the following rules:

  • more than 90 kg. It is better to choose rigid structures with a reinforced spring block. For overweight people, mattresses filled with wardrobe trunks, sisal and horsehair are suitable;
  • from 55 to 90 kg. The best option is a medium firm mattress. Such structures can withstand a load of up to 140 kg, but in this case, the surface will be uncomfortable.
  • less than 55 kg. People with such a physique are better off giving preference to soft products. As for the filler, in this case, latex, polyurethane foam, memoriform, strutofiber are suitable.

Growth is another significant selection criterion. If this indicator exceeds 195 cm, with a body weight of less than 90 kg, it is better to choose soft filler. The table of mattress stiffness below will help you decide which mattress firmness is best for the spine.

According to a common misconception, if you have pain in the back, it is better to choose firm mattresses. However, such a sleeping surface will not only help, but will aggravate the situation. To minimize discomfort, you need to choose a design that will be useful and will ensure the correct position of the spine during a night’s rest. The doctor will help you choose the optimal stiffness. The selected product should follow the curves of the body, ensuring optimal pressure distribution and muscle relaxation.

People with diagnosed osteochondrosis should be especially careful when choosing a bed. The traumatologist and orthopedist will identify the nature of the problem and will select the appropriate mattress firmness for you with osteochondrosis.

What to Put On the Mattress for Firmness

Those who are interested in what to put on the mattress for rigidity should be reminded that manufacturers have long found a way out to solve this problem by developing a so-called topper. This thin mattress topper is made of coconut coir – a hypoallergenic, safe, natural and eco-friendly material with excellent orthopedic properties and effective ventilation. In addition, such a thin mattress does not accumulate dust and moisture, thus avoiding the development of harmful microorganisms and parasitic insects. At the same time, the topper is highly durable and can withstand even significant loads.

In terms of back and posture benefits, filler topper probably has no competitors. The relative high cost of the material (about 3000 rubles) is fully justified by its quality and positive effect on the spine during a night’s rest.

How to Choose the Firmness of the Mattress

When purchasing a mattress for sleeping, it is imperative to study its characteristics, determine elasticity, assess the quality of the filler, materials and product configuration. There are no specific recommendations for choosing. Which mattress firmness is best is determined by personal preference and doctor’s recommendations. From the foregoing, we can conclude that the comfortable rigidity of the mattress is selected by people who:

  • are guided by their own preferences and financial budget;
  • take into account height, weight and lifestyle;
  • listen to the advice of medical professionals.

Thinking about how hard to buy a mattress for adolescents and toddlers, it should be noted that hard models are suitable for them, because too soft a surface can negatively affect the development of the spine. The average degree of hardness of the orthopedic mattress is recommended for people who have problems with the musculoskeletal system. Soft structures are often prescribed for people suffering from diseases of the spine or heart. Also, products of increased softness are suitable for elderly people.

Are you still at a loss with how hard you need a mattress (orthopedic), or you can’t find a reliable online store with quality and certified products? In this case, welcome to us, to the Koba online store. Our assortment includes models of mattresses of any hardness. This means that with us you will definitely choose the most suitable option for yourself, which will not only be comfortable, but even useful for the spine. If you have any questions, please contact our specialists who will help you choose the optimal design and tell you how to choose the rigidity of the mattress for the bed.

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