How Skylights Can Increase a Home’s Value!


When thinking about adding a feature to your home, you need to evaluate if it would be worth the cost and what benefits such an addition would bring. Skylights in Melbourne would certainly add value to your property! Here are some of the ways skylights can enhance the value of your home.  

1.       They Let in Natural Light

Skylights bring several health benefits. They let in natural light that improves residents’ vitamin D levels that’s crucial for decreasing the risk of heart disease and preventing weight gain and bone loss. Adequate natural light also helps improve sleep by regulating melatonin levels. Natural lights also helps to ward off SAD (seasonal affective disorder).

Apart from improving the health of the residents, high-performance skylights like Velux Skylights also help save homeowners on their electricity bills by reducing the need of using light bulbs. Additionally, by paving way for better solar energy and air circulation, skylights help to significantly cut down on the heating and cooling costs in Melbourne. Thus, such energy-efficient skylights help bring down the carbon footprint and augment a property’s value.

2.       They Bring in Fresh Air While Expelling Hot Air

Skylights let in the fresh air that’s beneficial for health. Apart from making the residents of the home feel energised, the fresh air also provides a sense of vitality, apart from boosting resilience to physical illnesses, to some extent. Additionally, fresh air inside the home brings down stress levels by encouraging the residents to take deep breaths and relax. This provides a significant boost to physical and mental health.

Apart from letting in the fresh air, skylights also let the warm air (which gets accumulated in the room and rises up) a route to escape. This boosts indoor air circulation further. In many households in Australia, mould and dampness is a big issue. By letting in the fresh air in a room, skylights help remove moisture from it, thus putting off mould build-up that’s dangerous for health. For dark and damp areas like bathrooms, kitchens, or hallways, Velux Skylights are a good investment!

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3.       Skylights Make the Room Appear More Spacious

Skylights can transform otherwise dark and gloomy spaces by brightening them up. Even when a room or particular area in your home is cramped, you can make it feel more spacious by getting a skylight installed. Skylights offer a connection to the world outside and even feel as if they are letting the outside in! In a way, with this and improved lighting, they create an illusion of space, which would make the residents in your home feel a bit more happier, calmer, and comfortable.

Here’s The Deal

Skylights Melbourne are available with various features and at varying prices. From solar and electric skylights to flat roof and fixed skylights – you will be spoilt for choice! You need to know what you are looking for in a skylight before installing one. Additionally, checking the product’s warranty is crucial. When you buy a leading product like the ones offered by Velux Skylights, you can rest easy on all these counts and be sure of getting your money’s worth!