How to Add Style and Function to Any Room Using Accent Chairs

Accent chairs are the epitome of style and function. They are that splash of colour that offset any room. Unlike matching sofa sets, accent chairs are designed to stand out and draw attention. They are decidedly not part of a set, and if there are ever two in a room, it’s strictly for symmetrical purposes. If the room is a vanilla cake—which is pleasant, if a bit plain—then think of the accent chair as a dash of melted chocolate. It’s not a large addition, but it changes up the whole flavour (and arguably makes it more interesting). Unlike the accent rug, which is usually a purely decorative item, accent chairs are a double threat of fabulous and functional. They finish off the room whilst also providing a place to sit. What statement will you make using accent chairs? Read on for some inspiration.

Lounge Room

Perhaps the most obvious location for accent chairs is the lounge room. Tread carefully, as this is the room that already contains a lot of chairs and matching lounge suites. Your job is to find something that complements these colours without clashing. Moreover, strategic selection is important. Placing an accent chair beside your very differently coloured lounge room set will look tacky and inappropriately mismatched. If your lounge room is full of neutral colours, consider adding something that will ‘pop out’. If your lounge room has a prominent painting on the wall, perhaps you could play into this theme by choosing a similarly coloured accent chair.



Image Source: 1825 Interiors

Dining Room

Do you have a dining room table? If so, you have a fun opportunity to play around with accent chair placement. You may choose to add a bolder and more oversized chair at the head of the table, offsetting smaller chairs that span the length of the table. If you’d prefer a symmetrical appearance, you can add matching accent chairs at either end of the table. If you only have a small kitchen table, you may want to stick with regular dining chairs here. Whatever you decide, remember to take into account style, form and colour. Sometimes it pays to stick with the neutral colours, the chair’s size serving as statement enough.



Chairs aren’t a necessity for the bedroom, but they can add a nice luxurious touch. A patterned sofa chair and matching ottoman can promote relaxation, cementing the bedroom’s role as a recharging unit. Alternatively, you can substitute bedside tables or nightstands with accent chairs. This could be a good option if you keep minimal items by your bedside and are wishing to downsize a little. Ensure your accent chairs will complement the bedroom and make a sleepier statement than usual.Bedroome


Bathroom chairs seem a little counterintuitive, but they can serve a good purpose, room permitting! Occasional chairs in particular can fill out a room’s vacant space, potentially doubling as a space to store excess towels (or guest belongings, depending on positioning). Occasional chairs have the advantage of being moveable, so they can be brought into different rooms if you require extra seating. Though less versatile, sofa chairs can also be a great way to fill space and complement colour in the bathroom. Sometimes it’s nicer to place clothing (or other items) onto a chair than onto the wet, tiled floor.


A simple and elegant example: this occasional chair ‘bounces off’ the door perfectly and really rounds out the bathroom.


Hallway accent chairs are a great addition to any domestic space. They’re a flat, stabilising presence that almost whisper, ‘welcome to our home’. Earlier, we spoke about accent chairs taking the place of a bedside table. Accent chairs can play the role of a hallway table, or even sit either side of it as a symmetrical pair. Occasional chairs can be a versatile choice here, but you can also use smaller sofa chairs, if the aesthetic fits. If you’re pairing accent chairs with a hallway table, find ways to complement or offset the table’s design.


This is a fancier, Gatsby-esque example, but the underlying principle applies: the chairs are a grounding extension of the walls that help balance the room’s aesthetic.

Your turn!

As with any accent pieces, accent chairs are used to make statements. They are the finishing touches designed to pack a punch—making them the exclamation marks of the furniture world. The beauty of this? You only need to purchase one per room (or two if you’re feeling particularly emphatic!!)! How will you style up your house using these highly functional items? When making your selections, remember to consider colour, shape, and size. What statement are you trying to make? Is there any unused space you can fill? How can you position the chair so that it looks complementary as opposed to clashed? When it comes to interior design, the roof’s the limit. Start small by browsing for occasional chairs and go from there.