How to Decorate a Shower Niche With Dual Showers

Dual showers solve many of the problems that make it difficult to reach unreachable parts of the body. The different spray patterns provide a more thorough spray coverage, making showering easier even for those with limited mobility. With dual shower heads, you can focus the water on a particular part of your body and give yourself the best shower possible! In addition, dual shower heads are great for those who are disabled. The spray coverage is much more complete, so you can shower as comfortably as possible with restricted movement.

Designing A Double Shower Alcove

There are so many ways to decorate a shower niche, from using a pattern on the niche to creating a unique wall treatment for the alcove. For example, you can use a patterned tile on the back wall or a simple, white tile for the niche itself. You can also opt for a patterned tile in the niche, or choose one with a hexagonal design. This style is particularly fun and quirky. You could also use a wooden shelf in the middle of the niche, bringing a natural touch to the bathroom. Finally, you can choose a clear glass shower door to show off the dual design.

If you prefer a more traditional look, you can choose a more minimalist look or a bathroom with  dual showers. In a minimalist bathroom, make sure the space is well-done. Using large tiles in the shower can make the room appear larger, and smaller tiles can be hidden within the wall. This way, you can maximize your shower space without sacrificing space in the bathroom. You can also install a bathtub next to the shower.

A double shower can be freestanding or recessed, and it can add to the look of your bathroom. Whether you want a spacious shower, or just a luxurious experience, you can make it special with a frosted tiled alcove. Frosty tiles make your shower look larger and are both matte and glam. If you want to add a shower spray, consider this design and keep in mind that it will add to the size of the shower.


Choosing A Dual Shower Head

Purchasing a dual shower head is a great way to give your bathroom a luxury feel without having to spend a lot of money. There are many different types of these devices available, and they come with different features. To make your purchase easier, gather as much information as possible about them, including the different types available, their construction materials, and how they work. Once you have this information, you can narrow down the selection.

While a dual shower head does have a sleek, integrated design, some models sacrifice functionality for ease of installation. Some also come with high-quality parts. Dual shower heads typically include a handheld shower head and a rain shower head. Your decision will depend on a few factors, including how you plan to use your shower. Some dual shower heads can be used as handhelds, which makes them easier to use when bathing your kids or pets.

One of the most important factors to consider when shopping for a dual shower head is the type of water flow patterns that are available. These settings are important for showering, because they allow you to adjust the intensity and direction of water flow. You should also choose a shower head with individual controls for both spouts. A good option will offer combinations of the two. It should also include a diverter. There are two-way and three-way diverters, so you can choose the one that suits your needs best.

If you plan to use a dual shower head as a hand-held shower, be sure to choose one with slide-bar design. They can be a convenient option if you want to move the handheld shower attachment around. Typically, these shower heads are about five feet long.

Choosing A Shower Valve

You may need to choose between two kinds of shower valves: pressure-balancing and thermostatic.

Pressure-balancing valves are the cheapest among the available choices. They work by balancing the pressure of water and will begin to increase or decrease depending on how much water you divert to other showers. Some models have a volume control and temperature memory. These are the ideal valves for dual showers.


When choosing a shower valve for dual-showers, you should know how many ports your shower needs. Three-port valves can only have three ports, while four-port ones can have four. You should also consider whether you need service stops for your dual-shower setup. These are optional, but they are useful in apartments.

Depending on the type of valves you want to install, you can use the services of a plumber. You can get recommendations from a plumber and ask him or her about the best shower valve for your needs.