How to Design a Casino Architecture to Increase Profitability

How to Design a Casino Architecture to Increase Profitability

Portugal has a long history in the casino business. The country is home to one of Europe’s most famous and largest casinos, Casino Estoril, which is situated just outside of Lisbon. Macau – Asia’s biggest gambling spot – used to be a colony of the Portuguese Empire and has only gained independence in 1999. Macau’s casinos are amazing, on par with the famous Las Vegas casinos and on top of that, the special administrative region is home to the world’s biggest casino resort.

But what makes a casino appealing to gamblers? What makes a certain casino better than the one next door? And how have the trends changed in the past decades? These are the questions we asked casino expert and marketing professional Martim Nabeiro to explain. You can read more about Martim here.

Changes in perception

A casino that was designed before the 90s differs in design from the casinos that are designed today. When thinking of traditional casino design that keeps gamblers playing, what comes to mind is the rule of no windows and no clocks. Casinos want people to lose track of time and keep gambling. Casino rooms used to be designed in a maze-like, confusing way with low ceilings to transport gamblers to a fantasy world that is hard to leave behind.

Modern casinos use entirely different methods. The ceilings became higher and iconic casinos, such as the Bellagio in Vegas, display huge windows to allow sunlight in. This is believed to reduce the anxiety of feeling trapped. Newer casinos have a playground design – a lot of open space that is not confusing at all. Slot machines are no longer next to one another along the casino’s walls as they used to be but rather in small clusters as customers seek more privacy nowadays.

Casino psychology has changed significantly as gambling habits and preferences are changing as well as the demography of gamblers. It is not only rich high-roller men that are being entertained but anybody who wants to have fun as well as players using strategies to improve their odds. Those heading for the table games can read more about odds here.

The Importance of the First Impression

In gambling destinations, where gamblers spend several nights, instead of just a night out, such as Las Vegas or Macau, hotels compete with each other already at the booking stage. This is the reason why mind-blowingly great hotels in Las Vegas cost a fraction of what they would cost in for example New York or Los Angeles. Once you decide to stay at a hotel you are more likely to spend money there than in another casino. These hotels try to appeal to their customers with their casino designs. Think of the Luxor hotel that transports you to Giza, or the Excalibur where you can feel like you are in wonderland.

When it comes to online casinos your first impression will be how the website is designed. Some appeal to women, some to men, some to sports fans while some allow you to choose your own character which makes the games more interesting and personal. There are plenty of choices, however, before signing up on a casino’s website you should always read reviews of the casino from a reliable source, such as Casino Portugal.

Casino Interior Designs That Make the Difference

Casinos no longer want to confuse their customers while playing or when selecting the game. However, when you want to leave the gaming room, they make it hard for you. Toilettes and restaurants are not that easy to find and while looking for it you might stumble upon a cool slot machine you didn’t see before. For the same reason around the exits, there will be plenty of slots.

When you are in a glamorous place you feel glamorous. This is the reason for all that glitz you see in casinos. Elegant (and expensive!) sculptures decorate some casinos, while others look like museums from the inside, making the players feel special.

Apart from natural lighting more and more casinos use soothing green and white lights which is more appealing to most women than the flashing neons that used to be the norm.



Casinos spend a lot of money and effort on their design and it pays off. People want to be entertained and they want to feel special without too much pressure or confusion. Open spaces, natural light and demanding decor seem to be the trick at the moment to lure people in and make them stay.