How to Find Work-From-Home-Friendly Flats In Delhi For Professionals?

The capital of India, Delhi. The name itself is enough to proclaim its worth in the country. Deep roots of history rule the place and with ongoing scientific discoveries, technological boost has given it another glory.

In a place like Delhi, where millions of people come and go, it can be quite tough to get a place to live in and call your very own. The place itself offers a wide range of properties to look for but with soaring prices of flats for sale in Delhi, finding an ideal property can be troublesome.

Work From Home Friendly Flats in Delhi

The Work-from-home culture has set in all around us and this called for an official change in our lifestyle with an office set-up at home. Although very advantageous, it does have its fair share of cons, a lot of factors come into play here. Listed below are some of Delhi flat for sales, amenities provided by owners ranging from flats for sale for office workers in New Delhi, Furnished flats for sale in Delhi for professionals to society flats in south Delhi.

Affordable Flats for Sale for Professionals in Delhi


One of the favorite real estate properties for buyers available with metro connectivity. Independent housing facilities, as well as builder’s floor, are surrounded by some of the posh areas of the city. Average property rates are at 4414/sq ft.


Situated around posh areas of the city, the area lacks space. It offers both independent homes and builder floors. Popular with students due to the availability of rental homes, the area has all the basic amenities. Average property rates are at 3982/sq ft.

New Ashok Nagar

Located around an excellent location, it offers one of the best housing societies with the finest amenities. It has independent housing facilities. Average property rates are at 4361/sq ft.

Bharat Vihar

Located next to Dwarka, sector 14 has metro connectivity and several builder floors. Average property rates are at 4405/sq ft.

Madhu Vihar

A little off from the metro station, the place offers both independent homes and builder floors with basic amenities and several facilities surrounding the place. Average property rates are at 4678/sq ft.

Sector 24, Dwarka

The area lies in one of the highest proximity for development in the Dwarka sector with an expansion scope for gated communities in near future. Builder floors & flats for sale in Dwarka, Delhi are available. Average property rates are at 4382/sq ft.


One of the most strategically located areas with metro connectivity and fast developing infrastructure with all the facilities available in the area. Average property rates are at 4827/sq ft.


A semi-developed area surrounded by many posh localities, offering builder floors for now. Best options of flats for professionals. Average property rates are at 4795/sq ft.

Finding the perfect place for you is important. To feel at ease and comfort is a basic human need that we all crave for. A city like Delhi offers everything but finding the perfect place is on you so do your research, look for good aspects, and do not settle for less.