How to Make Chicken Fry on a Nonstick Tawa?

How to Make Chicken Fry on a Nonstick Tawa?

Cooking chicken is an art as well as a science. There are endless recipes available for frying chicken in order to have an exuberant and authentic taste. In the 1800s, chicken lovers would fry it in an earthen pot as per the classic recipe of that era.

There maybe an inherent assumption that frying chicken is best done in Handis and Kadhai. But, nothing can beat the taste of frying chicken on a Tawa.

Generally, fewer people are aware of the use of Tawa for frying the chicken. However, there are a multitude of recipes that suggest frying chicken on Tawa.

With changing times and a burst of innovation, people started actively looking for the best kitchenware to cook chicken. Now, even the most authentic recipes use Nonstick Tawa and Non stick Kadai for frying chicken.

Why do Nonstick Tawa and Nonstick Kadai Work the Best for Frying Chicken?

Nonstick Tawa is like the regular iron Tawa that we use at home for making chapatis. In terms of the looks, they do seem to look similar. But in terms of the functionalities, there lies a major difference. The material and thickness used in a nonstick tawa makes cooking very easy and hassle free. It has a coating of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) that makes it non-sticky while cooking. When one uses a regular tawa, the food tends to stick to the base leading to burnt taste or overcooking. Using a non stick tawa not only has all the advantages that come with the usage of a regular tawa but also additionally offer the best base material which ensures that food does not stick to the base. Next time you plan to cook a wholesome meal at home, visit  to check out the Best chicken frying recipes.

The best thing about nonstick Tawa and nonstick Kadai is that one can use very little oil. This helps in maintaining good health and also helps in lowering cholesterol consumption.

Now, despite adding less oil, the nonstick tawa fries the chicken very well and maintains the crunchy, juicy taste too. Not to forget, it helps save so much time!  The use of cooking gas is also less while frying chicken in a nonstick Tawa.

How to Use Nonstick Tawa and Nonstick Kadai for Frying Chicken?

While there are many recipes available on the web on how to use the  nonstick Tawa for cooking chicken in the best way, there are some classic tips that one should always keep in mind.

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After cleaning the chicken with tap water, dip it into a concoction of curd and spices. Marinate it well. Then, add a few spoons of regular cooking oil into nonstick Kadai or nonstick Tawa.

Now put the marinated chicken pieces into nonstick Kadai or nonstick Tawa, whichever one you prefer to use. After adding everything, mix it well and stir carefully on a low flame without mashing the chicken pieces.

If a person is cooking with nonstick Kadai, cover it up with the lid and slow the gas flame. Try not to open it now and then.

Let it cook in the steam for ten minutes. After some time, open up the lid cover and flip the chicken pieces. One can sprinkle a few drops of water if necessary. Cover the  nonstick Kadai or nonstick Tawa again for 15 minutes till the chicken is cooked. Prick with a fork to check.

Check again if it’s cook and sprinkle some coriander leaves over the chicken. Mix it well and smell the aroma of your favorite chicken dish! Keep it covered for a few minutes even after switching off the flame. This will bring out the flavors of the dish.

The wait is over now for plating the chicken with rice or chapatis. Nonstick Kadai truly helps in cooking fried chicken. Nonstick Tawa too is useful in cooking fried chicken without burning it.