How To Price Your Home Right The First Time In Today’s Market

How To Price Your Home Right The First Time In Today’s Market

If you are coming up with the right price is a compensating act for you and your prospective buyer. Of course, you want the price to be high as you can, but not so much that the potential buyer turns down the negotiation. While placing a price lower than your home’s value of your home will attract buyers, it is advantageous to you.

It’s a fact that the essential step for effective home selling of your home is to find out the right price. Here are the things you must consider how to price your home right if this is your first time.

Determine The Price By Comparing Other House Prices

The market itself is the most significant factor in assessing the market value of the house. You can determine how much price the market can bear for your home. The sold or pending houses that you’ll compare are best within a one-mile radius and as close as possible to your home’s age.

The Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) lets home sellers choose the best listing prices for their houses. Since no place is similar to each other, it is best to compare the sold or pending houses are within a one-mile radius and as close as possible to your home’s age. A well-executed CMA is similar to an investigation report by contrasting raw data such as land area, the address of your home, the proximity, or if it belongs in a busy and noisy street.

Net Proceeds

Net Proceeds are the overall amount you will be receiving after selling the house, including the buyer’s price, your payments for particular fees, and others. It would be best if you thought of the profit margin to sell your home. Receiving your money is not like your typical buy-and-sell transaction. You will get the money you sold the house for, but there will still be deductions.

What you could do is to try and calculate your potential net proceeds. Start by setting your price for the house and deduct it by the fees you have to pay. The fact that you own the home you sell means that you’re still responsible for the expenses, bills, and taxes for the house while it isn’t sold yet.

Among these, you’ll have to pay for the utility fees such as water and electricity bills, property tax, and mortgage. That’s why list everything you have to pay for while you’re waiting for a buyer and estimate the time it might take you to find a buyer for a realistic price because there might be a wave of home buyers coming in this year, 2021.

The Condition of Your House

One of the factors that you need to think of because it will affect your outcome is your house’s condition upon selling it. This will involve two things: the price you put on your home and the appeal it has on your potential buyers.

The quality of your house is a massive influence on your final price. The houses typically sold for a high price are new and uninhabited and with cutting-edge home technology. Used homes are naturally less expensive unless given renovations. The buyers have different home preferences, so unless your home is well-endorsed in the market or on any public platforms, expecting buyers will take a while.

You can help make your house of good quality for a fair price and attract buyers to check for any faulty works that could cause future problems in the house, such as leaking pipes, vulnerable electricity works, and the like.

You could also renovate, which could add some monetary value to your home when sold. Try researching how to make your home appealing; you could clean your home and make it a blank canvas to prompt buyers to have it their way when they acquire the property.

Hired Help

When it comes to the house’s actual selling, there are two options you can choose from. You can either sell the house yourself or hire a real estate agent to take care of selling. A real estate agent is a licensed professional who represents the seller or the buyer in most home transactions. This person can help with endorsing your home and look for buyers who can buy it. The agent will get a small portion of your earnings.

Hiring a real estate agent is purely optional, but if you’re only new to business transactions, much less in the real estate industry, a real estate agent will be of great help. It’s just that they would take part in what you had earned from the buyer, and it is another deduction of your net proceeds. If you choose not to hire one, you’ll need to do everything yourself, from the papers to the selling and negotiations.


Selling a house is not an easy feat, especially for beginners. If you’ve made up your mind, be sure to do research and make sure that your home is ready for its new owners. With the world’s current state right now at pandemic, there are online platforms that can help you to determine the price of your home or conduct an online tour of your house for your prospective buyer to lessen physical contact.