How to Take Care of Your Pool


You always think about a swimming pool, when you want to build a new home or live in the same place. The pool has deeply settled in our hearts because of its appealing look, design, entertainment, and relaxation. A well maintained and decorated pool always attracts you and makes you feel to have your own.

But at the same time, a question jumps into your mind that adopting everything according to the new trend is relatively easy, but when it comes to its maintenance, you may step back as you might feel that the pool requires heavy maintenance. But with the changing world, many new techniques are available which can make your work easier. Let’s know about easy tricks that will help you to maintain your pool with fewer efforts:

Swimming Pools Need Proper Maintenance:

When it comes to maintenance, the first thing that comes to mind is to check the pool’s water balance, chlorine level, and cleaning of the pool surface. Use a test kit and check the water balance which should be between 7.4-7.6, check chlorine level it should be at 1.0-3.0 ppm, make sure to clean your pool surface as many insects and leaves can destroy its surface.

Also, Try to use pool covers as it will save and increases the life of your pool. Pool covers help to protect your pool from the UV rays that emerge from the sunlight. Pool covers help to maintain the PH level and maintain the quality of the pool and water. If you are willing to purchase pool covers, then you can contact Remco for pool covers in Perth.

Also, there are three essential components of swimming pool that you need to take care of. They are mentioned below:



One of the most significant, visible parts of the pool is water. Water gives useful meaning to pool, so when talking about the pool, it’s required to refer a right combination of chemicals and temperature that make your pool ready to swim. But make sure to protect it from the UV rays by using pool covers.


Interior should be lovely and rigid.  It should be capable of holding the water at the surface. However, there are some common interior construction materials that people generally prefer, and they are:

  • Plaster:

This material is very durable; that’s the reason most companies prefers to paste on top of concrete that is enough to support a proper pool that lasts for 15-26 years.

  • Alternatives:

It includes pebble aggregates, tiles, stones and something durable enough to hold underwater. Such techniques are installed for aesthetic purposes.

  • Fibreglass:

This is a type of interior that are single piece used for homes. Many types of glasses are available, say ready-made, customised (rarely available).

  • Vinyl:

These pools differ in frames say metal or plastic, that are linked with a thick, waterproof vinyl layer.  

Filter Mechanism:

The most important and visible part of the pool is interior and water. Filter system helps the water to remain clean and safe. Different pools require a different filter system.  They just suck water into it, remove debris, contaminants, and other unessential, and returning the water to the pool. This process helps water to remain away from catching bacteria.