How to Warm Up a Room Without a Heater

How to Warm Up a Room Without a Heater


The chilly winter months come with fears of higher energy bills. The season is known for nipping at the nose, freezing the toes, and driving your bill so high that you start questioning your life choices.


We know that central heating is a necessity in the freezing winter weeks up north in Canada. But did you know that you can maintain warmth at your home without turning the thermostat to a higher temperature?


To help our readers figure out how to warm up a room without a heater, we have come up with a detailed guide. From keeping the windows shut to cooking more often, we have listed everything to get you prepared for a lower utility bill for the remainder of the winter months.

Keep The Windows Crack-Less and Closed.

Your windows are the most significant source of heat loss in the home. A close inspection of cracks in the window and the area surrounding it would help you stay warm and fuzzy for longer as the snow taps on the glass windows.

Look for The Thickest Blankets.

Many people like to sleep light as the heavier covers keep them up at night. But when you look at it from an economical perspective, sleeping with a heavier blanket can help you save a lot more money and keep you warmer than the use of a higher reading on the thermostat.


You can look for the thicker blankets on off-season sales or from the online marketplaces to get the best deals.

Use Your Curtains for More Than Light.

You can use your curtains for temperature control in the chilly season. The use of thicker drapes can help you out when the window is cracked, or the sills have minuscule gaps in them. While the open curtains allow your home to bask in the glory of the sun, the same ones can be used to stop the chill from peaking inside.


Ensure that you use a comfortably warm hue of drapes so that the impact grows manifold in your psyche. This is an unconventional way of how to heat a house without a furnace.

Add Rugs to Your Floors.

Rugs and tick carpets have a similar impact on the home. You can add thick and long carpets around the house to maintain insulation. Ensure that you are prepared to take up a challenging cleaning routine after adding rugs to the floors since they are very easy to stain and equally hard to clean up.


Rugs and carpets will not only add aesthetic value to your space, but they will also prove to be an excellent choice for warming a home. It may seem like a high upfront cost, but when you compare the prices of rugs with the extension of bills, and then it is apparent that you will get a carpet installed as soon as possible.


Remember that this would work well only if your roofing and windows are well-maintained.

Leave The Unused Rooms Locked.

Empty space invites cold. Whether you like to think of cold poetically or literally in the form of shivers, it is not fun either way. If there are any extra rooms in your house that are not used, you can lock them up for better insulation. Closing the doors will reduce the area’s size that needs to be kept warm, and thus any pocket-friendly measure will increase the impact of the warming activities.

Bring Programmable Thermostats in The Mix.

Those individuals who are not comfortable dealing with the manual thermostats can get a programmable thermostat installed in your home. When the thermostat becomes handy to control, then you can easily maintain it and try to cut the heat off as long as you like.


While surfing the internet on how to stay warm without a heater, we came across an article from Paradise Developments mentioning the ideal home temperatures in winter.                       

Have Fun with Your Fireplace.

You may not have a heater at home, but a fireplace is something we all desire. It has a fairytale effect that warms up the home and leaves the heart happy and content. A fireplace is essential in homes up north.


You can go for a high-end electric fireplace if you have young kids or pets running around the house. Make sure that you compare the economic effect a fireplace installation can have on your budget.

Start Cooking and Baking More Often.

Cooking regularly or baking for longer in the kitchen will warm up the walls and floors in no time. You can start practising your favourite recipes by Gordon Ramsay in the winter season. From a classic French croquembouche to the regular sugar cookies, you can keep practising your culinary skills to stay warm. Recipes with longer cooking time like stew and ribs would be a better choice.

Light Up Candles at Night.

If you like to light a few candles now and then, you must stock up on your favourites for every month! If you start lighting a candle on your nightstand for a few hours, it would not only leave your room wafting in the scent of vanilla and wood but also keep you comfortable and cosy for a lot longer. You will get a chance to sleep longer and also wake up with better spirits the next morning.

Wear Knitted Socks in Bed.

Knitted socks can be your best friend in winter. You can put them on and leave home or wear them as you cuddle in bed. A pair of thick and warm socks can be worn for any event, and you can avoid the freezing winds of Kugaaruk.

Final Thoughts

If you are still wondering how to keep my house warm without heat, you can quickly get a warm bottle and place it on your bed for better results. All of these methods are unique and fun, but they are also proven to be practical.