Immersing in the Friluftsliv Lifestyle While at Home

People practice a particular lifestyle trend for many reasons. Some go with the hype of an emerging trend. They only want to be a part of the bandwagon. Others seek what would work best for them and their general well-being. They experiment to see if a trend would fit their needs. Still, for others, they adhere to a lifestyle trend as an informed choice. They know its benefits and want to see these advantages manifest in their lives.


A trend nowadays that some people are eager to try is Friluftsliv (free-loofts-liv). It is an old practice for Norwegian people. But, this manner of living is now making its way to other parts of the world. Loosely translated, it means “open-air living” or “free air life.” In more simple terms, it means taking uninterrupted time to commune with nature.


Friluftsliv boasts of many physical and mental benefits. Also, it promotes a person’s self-efficacy. What is beautiful about this lifestyle trend is that you do not have to go far to experience it. Experiencing the outdoors does not only mean hiking or traveling in the wilds. You can experience Friluftsliv even in the comfort of your home. Here are some inspirations.

Grow Your Garden

Gardening is an obvious way to immerse yourself in nature when you are at home. Do it as a mindful activity. Feel the texture of the soil as you plant. Breathe in the fresh air and appreciate the colors of the blooms.


Having a beautiful landscape encourages you to linger outside. Think of more natural elements you can incorporate in your garden. An added water feature can calm your senses. Rock formations can also bring a more natural look to your plot. You can get the services of a professional to help you bring out the potential of your outdoor space.


Seasons should also not limit your gardening. The original concept of Friluftsliv is for people to spend time outdoors, even in winter. You can read up on winter gardening and try your hand at it. Be sure to bundle up well to enjoy your time outdoors.

Dine Al Fresco

Imagine stepping out to your patio with a warm cup in hand every morning as you take a few deep breaths. Even the thought of it feels relaxing. The good news is you can turn that thought into reality. You can commit to stepping outside every morning as you enjoy your warm cup of coffee or tea. This helps you set the pace of your day. Not rushing at the start of the day can help you tackle your tasks later in a more relaxed mood.


You can step up this practice by having lunch or dinner outside a few days a week. You can plan this so that you can prepare all elements and enjoy the experience. Have a picnic with a blanket over the grass. You can also have a more formal take on the dining area of your outdoor spaces.


You and your family would enjoy such dining experiences. The soothing effect of nature helps you to digest your food better. Vitamin D, which is abundant in sunlight, also helps calcium absorption. Having nature as a backdrop while you eat also encourages more social interactions. It is a perfect time to detox from the digital world.

Spend Time in Your Backyard

One of the simplest ways to practice Friluftsliv is to bask in the beauty of nature. There are many opportunities to do this, even in the confines of your backyard. You can set up a hammock where you could meditate and observe the natural world around you. Enjoy the sunrise or sunset as you lounge in your hammock. Be more in tune with the tweets of the bird or the rustle of the wind and leaves.


An outdoor fire pit is also a great venue for many Friluftsliv moments. You can enjoy hot chocolate and s’mores while gathered around the warm flame. You may also stargaze and enjoy the night breeze. Camping in your backyard can top up this outdoor experience.

Friluftsliv: the benefits of the Nordic idea of 'open air living'

Do It Indoors

A beautiful thing about Friluftsliv is its flexibility. The outdoor experience is not limited to stepping out of your door. You can commune with nature even if you are inside your home. There are many ways for you to do this.


You can incorporate natural elements in your interior design. Wood elements rank high on the list. Allowing as much natural light as you can inside your home is another popular choice. Art pieces featuring landscapes and seascapes can also help you have a sense of the outdoors.


Slow TV videos can also do the trick. Thanks to technology, these documentaries are now available on Netflix or YouTube. These films feature raw coverage of mundane experiences such as a train ride or a cruise. These marathons let people enter into a meditative state. They can also escape to somewhere beautiful without leaving their couches or beds.


Incorporating the philosophy of Friluftsliv in your daily living is not difficult. But, the benefits it could bring you are immense. You would find yourself more relaxed and more grounded as you go about your day. Communing with nature is also a natural mood booster.