Is Roofing Contracting A Hard Job

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Does your roof need replacement or repair? As an avid DIY fan, you could be considering attempting the job yourself. After all, how hard can it be? The fact is, roofing contracting is a specialized job that you need a lot of training to do. Here’s how hard roof repair and replacement is and why it’s often better left to the professionals.

A Dangerous Profession

One thing all roofing contractors NYC will tell you is that roofing is a dangerous job. That makes sense, as the job involves them climbing onto your roof to make repairs. Being so high up, of course, they’re at risk every time they work.

A roof is also a dangerous place as moss and algae form on roofs over time. You may not even realize it’s there until a roofer gets up there and starts work. That growth makes the roof slippery, which quickly leads to a trip and fall.

It would be best if you also considered the equipment they use. There’s a good amount of heavy machinery used, such as nail guns. When misused, Best guttering manchaster they will very quickly cause injury. Many will work with a pitch on some roofs, which is used by bringing it to high temperatures and pouring it on. Even when they’re careful, things can go wrong, and they will end up with chemical burns.

Roofing is so dangerous that 34% of roofing injuries result in fatality. That makes sense, as falling from a height is going to cause serious injury. Roofers know this, and that’s why they take all kinds of safety measures to ensure that they aren’t at risk when they’re working on your home. They’ll have safety equipment that you don’t have to, to keep themselves and you safe.

Because of this, it’s so much better to have a roofer handle the job rather than do it yourself. You don’t want to risk an injury that could have been avoided if you had called a professional.

Getting The Right Training

Roofers aren’t made in a day. When they start the job, they’re put under a rigorous training regimen. There’s a lot to learn, from roofing techniques to safety protocol. A lot of this learning will lead to certifications for them, which you can check out when you hire them. All good roofers are willing to share their documentation with you to show you they know their stuff.

A roofer also needs to be able to envision their final product before they’ve even picked up a hammer. They’re trained to be skilled in math, as they need a good grasp of geometry, fractions, and angles. This helps them plan out a roofing job correctly and ensure your new roof will last for years to come. They essentially have to take a 2D picture and realize it in 3D in their minds. It’s not easy, and it’s certainly not something everyone can do.

The Stamina Needed To Work On Roofs

You may not have thought of this, but roofing is a strenuous job. A roofer will be going up and down ladders a lot just to get to your roof, and that’s before they have to start moving all the roofing materials up there with them. Materials like shingles are heavier than you’d expect, and they’re moving them around all day. They need to be fit to be able to do the job, day in and day out.

Being fit helps them stay safe on the roof, too. Keeping weight down is important, as someone carrying too much weight could easily go through the roof. The job does help with this, but staying fit is a key part of being a roofer.

Electrical Risks

You may not have thought of when considering roofing because there are lots of electrical risks up there. Modern homes have plenty of wiring on the roof, leading to injury for the roofer. Burns and electrocution are very common for them, and that’s with the expertise they have. USA Today interviews a roofer who survived being electrocuted with 220 volts and being kicked off the roof by his partner to save him. It’s not a pleasant thought, but electrocution is a real risk.

Possibly The Toughest Contractor Job Out There

Does this all sound like a lot of danger to you? You’re not wrong. In many surveys, roofing is one of the most dangerous contracting jobs out there. It often comes out ahead of demolition teams, electricians, carpenters, and iron workers.

Should You Handle Your Roofing?

If you were to ask any roofer whether you should handle a roofing job on your own, they’re likely to say no. Now, there may be small jobs you could do, such as replacing a shingle or clearing guttering. However, for more involved jobs, it’s always better to call on the experts.

A roofing professional will have years of training that has taught them how to repair your roof and stay safe while doing so. They have all the knowledge needed to do a professional job every time.

They’ll also be ready to do the job safely. They have the equipment, experience, and training needed to keep others safe. Plus, they’ll take on that risk, so you don’t have to. Any good roofing company will have insurance that covers them if an accident does happen. They can’t eliminate risks, but they can remove as many risks as possible before they start work.

If you’re thinking of doing your roof repair job, it’s always a better idea to have the professionals handle it. TCI Manhattan Roofing NYC is always ready for your call, and they have many trained experts on hand to handle the job for you.

It’s much better to hire contractors rather than try a roofing job yourself. Call on the experts and keep yourself safe in the process. After reading this guide, you’ll be glad you did.