Keep the Pests Out This Spring

Keep the Pests Out This Spring

As the winter snow and ice begin to thaw, spring gradually peaks out. This can be beautiful when it means flowers blooming, but it also means that pests are back out in force.


Some pests like cockroaches are out and about during all seasons. During the cold months, they look for warm places to stay, and may pick your home. Other pests, like ants, tend to emerge when things warm up.


Either way, when calling the professionals to keep your home pest free, here’s what you should look for.


Chemicals That Work


The chemical solutions you find on store shelves work a little bit, which isn’t enough. The goal isn’t to kill a few or many pests; it’s to get all of them. Pests breed quickly, and eradicating them requires ensuring none are alive.


Hardware stores sell semi-strong chemicals that will dent their population but won’t eliminate it entirely. Hire professional pest control experts to get custom solutions brewed to kill specific pests. It’s not available in stores, so hiring a pro like GreenLeaf Pest Control is the only way to get it.


Don’t waste your money, time, and effort with a “solution” that only fixes a fraction of the problem.


Safe for the Environment and Pets


The chemical solutions you use should be ruthless to pests and kind to pets. Professional pest control experts create custom solutions to address the heart of your pest infestation, but the ingredients are all approved by Health Canada.


Feel confident that the pests will be eradicated for good without fearing it could accidentally harm your furry four-legged friends or cause some environmental damage downstream.


Expert Knowledge


Most people don’t know too much about pests, and why would they? All they know is they’re gross and they shouldn’t be in their homes!


The leading pest control experts have in-depth knowledge about each type of pest, which they use to find and uproot the infestation. You might see the signs of a pest infestation without even recognizing it.


Experts, on the other hand, can read the signs to identify the infestation correctly. Next, they use their custom solutions and know-how to eliminate them altogether.


Proactive Control


The only thing better than eliminating a pest infestation is preventing one from occurring in the first place. Professional pest control experts offer home protection plans emphasizing prevention rather than elimination.


An expert will come to your home to inspect for any signs of pests. They’ll remove any they find and eliminate any attractants you may have, like long branches near the home or construction materials. If you’d rather rest easy at home knowing it’s pest-free than deal with an infestation after spotting one, call a professional exterminator today.


Spring cleaning is all about airing out the home, decluttering spaces, and giving yourself a fresh start in the new season. Such an effort will be undermined from the start if there are pests around, so call the professionals this spring to get your home clear and clean of any pests.