Moving in Together – 8 Space Efficient Tips

Moving in Together – 8 Space Efficient Tips

So, you’ve finally decided to take your relationship to the next level and move in together. If you’ve both been living alone before this, you’ll need more space for two people’s belongings.


You could throw some things away, but it’s going to be tricky deciding what and whose stuff should go.


A friendly alternative would be to make better use of the limited area you have with these tips.

1. Utilize Wall Space

Walls aren’t only great for pictures; you can use them to help you save floor space. For instance, you could extend your bookshelves or individual shelves to the ceiling.


Plants create a lovely ambiance in any room, but you don’t necessarily have to put them on the floor or table. Why not set up a living wall planter? The layer of air between the greens and the partition also acts as extra insulation and reduces noise levels.


Be unconventional and suspend fold-up chairs and tables. Do the same if you have a bicycle.


You can also hang your shirts or dresses on hooks. It’ll add color to your room, and you’ll enjoy looking at your favorite apparel. Another advantage is that by hanging clothes with the front instead of the shoulders facing out, you can save a few more inches of space.

2. Convert Your Photo Albums Into Digital Format

Photographs represent the memories we cherish. However, the pictures fade over time, and the catalogs wear out. If you store and handle them with care, you may extend their shelf life, but not forever.


Knowing the importance of preserving photo albums, you should consider transferring them into digital files. It’s more permanent, and it’ll free up space you can use for other stuff.

3. Optimize Your Staircase Space

If there’s a staircase in your home, there are several ways you can use it to store stuff.


Most people make use of the understairs as a storage area. Alternatively, you could install drawers as steps and access your possessions from the front.


How about fixing a bookcase on both sides of the stairs? It’s unique, and you can use the section you save on the walls for other items.

4. Use Hanging Lights

Lights suspended from your bedroom ceiling will allow you to use a smaller nightstand because you won’t need room for a table lamp. It also makes your abode look more spacious.


Alternatively, you could install wall sconces that add elegance and ambiance to your bedside.

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5. Get a Sofa Bed

A sofa bed is an excellent space saver if you live in an apartment. It’ll also come in handy when you have guests or when you have a couple’s moment, and one needs to spend the night outside the bedroom.

6. Make Use of Awkward Spaces

If you have odd-shaped areas where you can’t fit any furniture, consider installing custom shelves. They’re inexpensive, or you could make them yourself.

7. Use the Back of Doors

Just by putting up hooks on the back of your doors, you have additional room to hang things such as coats, handbags, and towels.


You can also use the back of cabinet doors for hanging utensils, brushes, and cleaning materials.

8. Build a False Floor

Having an elevated surface is a brilliant way to save space. It’s an adaptation of the raised floors used to conceal electrical and mechanical wiring.


Besides using it for hidden storage purposes, you can have a bed that you’ll slide out when you need it.

Be Creative

These tips should get you thinking. You should modify and adapt them to suit your needs and environment. Don’t let your lack of imagination limit your ideas.


Best of all, it’s an activity you can do as a couple!