Must Have Lights To Add To Your Décor (Autumn 2020 never looked so bright!)

In Concrete Or Stone

Lighting has come a long way. Gone are the days where most living rooms had a floor lamp in one corner and a matching table lamp in the other. While that look is still timeless, there are so many innovative ways to jazz things up when choosing lighting for your home. You can combine floor lamps, table lamps and ceiling lamps within the same space to create a harmonious look. You can use wall sconces over a mantel, on a powder room wall and down a hallway to create ambiance. Hang a pendant light over your dining table, or better yet, hang several!

Decorative ceiling lights, table lamps and wall lights can reflect the beauty of their surroundings while also adding a sophisticated  touch wherever they are placed. Here are some of the top looks for Fall 2020.

Textured Lights In Concrete Or Stone…

Cement pendant lights are a stunning addition to any space. Add a pop of color in the mix and you’ve just upped your design game! These gorgeous pendant lights combine speckled cement balls with glass orbs—a striking combination for a bedroom, entryway or dining area.

A glass act in various colors…

Clear glass is always feminine

Clear glass is always feminine and luxurious, but when a glass ceiling pendant is tinted in gorgeous colors, it completely changes the look and feel of a room. Now you’ve got an elegant and sophisticated design you can use anywhere; dining room, bedroom, kitchen or hallway. Glass is a versatile option that allows you to beautifully and effortlessly update any space while complementing all decor styles from farmhouse to traditional.

Shapely silhouettes…

Shapely silhouettes

Fancy ceiling lights that take on shapely silhouettes are breathtaking works of art in addition to illuminating a room. Today, you can be the artist in your home. There are so many fabulous decorative LED ceiling lights from which to choose that you may find it difficult to pick a favorite. That’s where you don’t stop at just one! Mix up a few to create your own unique combination.

Mixed metals offer the perfect blend of light and luxury…

blend of light and luxury

When choosing metals for your ceiling light, you can opt for silver, gold or eye-catching brass. You can choose a silver metal lamp for a contemporary look and feel, bronze for more traditional décor or black for a modern vibe. Think of metals as the jewelry that enhances other finishes in the room such as cabinet hardware, mirror frames or accessories.

Task lights that bend to your every whim…

bend to your every whim

Lamps provide essential light in a room. An adjustable lamp provides light wherever you need it most. You can angle the light for reading, writing or computer work. Lamps that have a bendable arm can reach in all directions. Typically used in offices, bendable lamps are wonderful at the side of the bed for reading or writing in your daily journal, above a desk for office work, or on a living room wall for brightening up a reading nook.

Pendant lamps crafted of naturally beautiful materials

focal point in a room

Fancy ceiling lights crafted in natural wood such as bamboo or birch blend magnificently into any setting, conveying warmth and elegance. Try hanging a natural wood pendant light above a dining table, or a billowy feather cloud pendant in a nursery to create a soothing, peaceful atmosphere.

Use a dramatic pendant light to create a focal point in a room…

focal point in a room

Beautiful ceiling lights hung over a dining table or living room side table add a touch of glamour to a space, making it feel elegant as well as inviting. Imagine the conversations that this striking pendant lamp could start.

Light the way with wall sconces…

Did you know that wall sconces

Did you know that wall sconces are not reserved for a bathroom or above a fireplace mantel? Used to add ambiance in a living room, elegance in a dining room or a soothing, spa-like look and feel to a master ensuite, wall sconces are the ultimate in decorative as well as functional lighting solutions. Line them up in a hallway (vertically as well as horizontally). Wall lamps are the ideal decorative accent that brightens a room in more ways than simply through illumination.

Flush mount ceiling lights that draw the eye upwards…

draw the eye upwards

Minimalist style has maximum impact. This flush mount ceiling light is subtly sophisticated on its own as a room’s primary light source but lining the ceiling with a few of these stunning lights changes the entire look. Step outside your comfort zone when using flush mount ceiling lights. Mix and match various styles and finishes.

Consider lights that raise the bar…

Consider lights that raise the bar

When it comes to overhead lighting, linear looks are as popular as globes or chandeliers.  These show-stopping bar ceiling lights are stunning when placed overhead and are equally mesmerizing along the wall. They work well solo and look fabulous in pairs.  When selecting decorative LED ceiling lights, you are only limited by your imagination.  Beautiful ceiling lights, modern or traditional, can become the primary focal point in your home. There’s no need for a lot of accessories in a room if your lighting choice grabs all the attention.

Turn heads with geometric shapes on a pulley system…

Ceiling lights don’t need to be centered on the ceiling

Ceiling lights don’t need to be centered on the ceiling. Just as a dining table can have a chandelier hanging off-center, a ceiling installation in a living room or bedroom can be off center too.  With so many innovative ceiling fixtures, in every size, shape and color, you can be as creative with placement as the ceiling fixtures themselves. If your ceiling fixture is off center, you can use floor lamps, table lamps and wall sconces to ensure that there are plenty of light sources within a room.

Table lamps extend a warm welcome…

extend a warm welcome

Did you know? A table lamp doesn’t have to be on a table. Think outside the box… or in this case, outside the table. Try using a table lamp on a kitchen counter or a bathroom vanity top. It’s an unexpected surprise and an easy way to add a touch of whimsy to your home.  Or how about using a small table lamp on a window ledge. Just as a candle in the window is a welcoming touch, the soft glow of a small table lamp also does the trick!

There are so many ideas for using ceiling lights and so many beautiful floor lamps, ceiling lights and decorative wall lamps on the market. Shop around for the very best lighting solutions for each room in your home. Before you know it, you’ll be decorating like a pro!