Pool Tile Ideas


When designing a new indoor or outdoor swimming pool, there are many exciting ways you can incorporate your own personal and unique touch. Indoor and outdoor pool tiles are available in such an extensive range of options that anything truly is possible and the only limit is our imagination! Mosaic tiles have always been a go-to favourite choice for tiling pools as their smaller shape allows for flexibility in the design. These tiles can get into all the little nooks and wrap around all the curves of your pool, allowing you to experiment with any colour combination or pattern you like. From recycled glass swimming pool tiles to custom tile designs and luscious porcelain tile options, the following modern pool tile options are sure to inspire you when designing your new pool.

Recycled Glass Swimming Pool Tiles

Glass is perhaps the most popular pool tile option thanks to the many benefits this sleek material has to offer. Glass is a non-porous material that is impervious to water, making it a perfect solution for use in an outdoor pool where the tile will constantly be submerged in water while also being exposed to the elements in outdoor applications as well the variety of chemicals involved in pool cleaning. An excellent way to introduce more sustainable elements into your home’s design scheme is to focus on sourcing materials and finishes that are recycled instead of brand new. Recycled materials make use of products that are already in circulation rather than creating something entirely new and using more of our resources to do so. Recycled glass tiles have become increasingly popular over recent years, with collections of recycled glass expanding to include pool tiles that are suitable for use in outdoor pool designs. These tiles offer the same exciting benefits of regular glass mosaic swimming pool tiles with the additional benefit of being a sustainable design solution that can be used in both indoor and outdoor pools.


Caption: Recycled glass pool tiles provide a sustainable option for use in indoor and outdoor pool designs. These tile collections make use of resources that are already in circulation, reducing the amount of new resources we use in the design and construction industries and contributing to your home’s eco-footprint. The lush green tones of the glass swimming pool tiles pictured in this example perfectly complement the greenery of the garden to create a soothing oasis feel.

Creating Custom Patterns & Murals with Outdoor Pool Tiles

An excellent way to introduce more character and style to your outdoor design scheme is to create a custom pattern or mural using glass mosaic pool tiles. Mosaic tiles have been used for centuries to create stunning works of art. This tradition continues with popular boutique tile makers such as Bisazza Italy for example providing incredible solutions that allow for complete customisation in your pool tile selections. You have the option of selecting from set ranges of colours and patterns offered by the tile designer or adding your own unique touch by submitting your colour preferences and artwork for a completely customised solution. These types of pools will instantly add a dramatic and unique touch to your outdoor design scheme, providing a luxurious and sophisticate look that will showcase your creativity.

Caption: Bisazza pool tiles can be used to create custom designs in your new indoor or outdoor pool. This luxurious Italian tile brand offers a selection of designs and patterns to choose from while also allowing you the freedom of selecting your own unique colours to create custom artwork, murals or patterns in your pool’s design scheme. The tile layout is created by their expert design team to suit your pool’s size and specifications and forwarded to you for approval before going into production, ensuring a smooth and high quality experience at every step of the process.

Porcelain Pool Tiles

Aside from the more traditional glass mosaic tiles used in outdoor pools, you will also find many collections of porcelain tiles available that are suitable for use in this application. Similar to glass tiles, porcelain tiles provide a surface finish that is completely impervious to water, making these tiles ideal for use in indoor and outdoor pool applications. Porcelain is well known for its immense durability in and around the home; this material is not only resistant to moisture but is also resistant to heat, scratching and staining, providing an incredibly strong, durable and long lasting finish. Porcelain tiles can also be sourced in a wide range of colours, shapes and even textures or patterns, allowing you to explore a range of different options when creating your perfect indoor or outdoor pool design scheme.

Porcelain pool tiles provide an incredibly durable and long lasting alternative option to traditional glass mosaic pool tiles. Porcelain materials are famous for their strength and durability being resistant to moisture, heat, staining and scratching to create a surface finish that will last a lifetime.


You will also find many sophisticated options available in outdoor porcelain tiles that can be used as a pool surround solution. These are available in a vast range of options from designs that are expertly produced to replicate the look and feel of materials such as concrete and natural stones to others that are designed to offer you the look and feel of timber, allowing you to include a unique timber style finish around your pool to create a warm and earthy finishing touch.


Pool tiles are available in a wide range of options from glass mosaic tiles that can be sourced in an endless range of colours to completely custom solutions that allow you to choose your own patterns and artwork. For those looking for an alternative to traditional glass mosaic pool tiles, porcelain tile options offer the same level of durability and strength that is required of an indoor or outdoor pool tile while also providing options that include a textured, grip finish that is suitable for use as a flooring solution surrounding your new pool.