The Biggest Illegal Casinos in History

The Biggest Illegal Casinos In History | Territorio Bitcoin

When you think of how popular gambling and an online casino site are today, you might be surprised to think that a few centuries ago, any form of gambling was seen as illegal. Even after the first casino, the Casinò di Venezia, was built in the 16th century, gambling around the work usually took place in an unauthorised or illegal casino.

Some of these illegal casinos still exist today, and some have become famous throughout history because of events that happened there or the people who went there or the sheer size of the operation. Here are some of the biggest illegal casinos in history for you to think about.

Central Europe (1800s)

After the initial success of the first casino in Venice it took a little while for the idea to filter across to other cities and countries. Yet by the 1800s, UFABET casinos were certainly staking their claim across central Europe. Many of these casinos were owned by one family, the Blanc family, who had something of a monopoly on casinos in France and Germany.

Everything went well until roulette became a thing. Once this happened, gamblers started spending much more money, and the Blanc family became much more powerful. Authorities, concerned that one small group of people had to much sway, made casinos illegal, and this the Blancs suddenly had the biggest group of illegal casinos in the world.


It may interest you to know that South Korea sees gambling as completely illegal. There is one exception to this, and that is a mining settlement called Gangwon. Here gambling is legal, but it’s so far away from most of the rest of the country that no one is very keen to travel there.

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As you might expect, then, a huge network of underground casinos has built up around the rest of South Korea, and around Seoul in particular. South Korean authorities busted one of the biggest illegal gambling rings in the country in 2016. The gang behind it all had control of about 80 percent of every illegal casino in Seoul, and their income was something in the region of $12 million… every single day.


There is a huge amount that’s illegal in Russia; if it’s not state-controlled, it’s not happening. Yet although this might be what the government would like to happen, human beings are creative and if they want to do something, they will find a way, illegal or not.

Gambling was legal in Russia until 2009, at which point, due to the number of people falling foul of addiction, Putin decided to outlaw it. Unfortunately, cutting people off ‘cold turkey’ is never a good plan, and so of course, dozens of illegal casinos sprung up to give people their fixes.