The HVAC Checklist a Technician Must Have for an Efficient and High Performing System

HVAC equipment is a very important asset that must be taken great care of, this should be done right from the time the HVAC is installed to maximize its lifetime. When deciding to get a technician to have your HVAC inspected, there are a few things that they must leave you well informed about, if they don’t, the inspection might be a waste of time. As revealed by the air conditioning services Downriver Michigan, I am going to list some of the things that must be checked, this will assure a homeowner that some good work was done, some of these include;

Cleaned Inside


While purifying the air, we obviously expect the HVAC system to have dirt inside that was sieved from the air around. This is a very crucial part of the inspection that must be undertaken, if not the filter may fail to work and the air won’t is purified anymore. The checklist has to be clearly marked with the different parties of the HVAC system that has been cleaned to avoid blockage of air and water.

Inspect Base Pan


For restricted drain openings to be checked, this must have been inspected with clarity. If not, the draining will begin soon after the inspection was done and that will only tell the type of technician they were. To avoid getting substandard services, simply visit the Air Conditioning Services Downriver Michigan and get expert services for your HVAC system inspection. They have the experience required and can give you more advice on what you need to be done to your HVAC to lengthen its lifespan.

Motor and Fan Blades


When the motor and the fan blades are working, they tend to attract a lot of dust that accumulated on them. This causes a lot of heating and the fan does not perform efficiently. A checklist must have this item so at to satisfy you as a homeowner that some good work was done.

Proper Refrigerant Level

During summer, the HVAC system has to ensure that there is cold air in the whole house, but as it propels the cold air, the thermostat should be set properly so that the refrigerant level is not exceeded.

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