The Types Of Construction Equipment Used In Demolition Projects

Are you dealing in demolition projects but are not sure what type of construction equipment to use? Here’s our definitive guide to help you out in your selection process.

Demolition projects are quite diverse and unique. Whether you’re going to undertake demolition of a residential block or you’re about to take down a high-rise commercial structure; every project has unique requirements and that makes planning a bit tricky.

The selection of the right construction equipment for demolition is one of a vital step during your planning stages that can make or break your entire project. The machinery that is used to demolish brickwork may not be sufficient for the tearing down of the concrete wall. For such walls, you need equipment that can deliver power and performance.

So, in today’s guide we’ll be going to talk about different types of construction equipment used in demolition projects:


We’ve placed excavator hire machinery at the top because they are the most common type of construction equipment used in demolition tasks. Their shape including boom, bucket, and rotating platform makes them steady and extremely powerful for any demolition undertaking. There are different types of specialized excavators that are manufactured just for demolition work. You can either get one with a crawler mounted body or a wheeled mounted to work for different types of terrains. So, no matter the size of the building or type of construction equipment; choosing to hire an excavator is always a great solution. They can tear down concrete buildings equally efficiently as they work with steel or composite materials.

If you’re in some demolition of tall buildings, long-reach excavators can handle them easily and safely.


Bulldozers because of their size and powerful stature are handy in terms of cutting roads and other demolition tasks. The huge blade at the front and zipper at the back makes them ideal equipment for diverse demolition tasks. You can bulldozer to uproot trees and drove them over while crushing. You can bulldoze construction with speed and transfer debris easily with the front blade.


One of the most widely used demolition methods is the use of a wrecking ball with a crane. It’s being used to demolish and tear down structures up to a certain manageable height. Although this method has been popular across many countries but due to the uncontrollable nature of swinging ball and lack of precision, they are not ideal for demolition.


There are different types of loaders that are quite helpful in the demolition field. Crawler loaders not only help you to push down heavy structure but they can move heavy dirt piles and materials easily from one place to others. Skid steer loaders are also another type that is versatile, compact, rigid, and powerful enough for small yet easy demolition sites. If you’ve got some small demolition job ahead backhoe loaders are also beneficial. Their front bucket allows you to load debris while the excavator-style digging mechanism at the back can do wonders. You can attach a hydraulic breaker to break tough materials like concrete or rock in any demolition work.