Tips For Making Cleaning Fun For Your Kids

Tips For Making Cleaning Fun For Your Kids

You might think it impossible to get your kids interested in cleaning, let alone have them

actually help you keep your home clean, but with these fun tips, you might be surprised at the


Start Them Off At A Young Age:

Toddlers typically love to copy whatever their parents or caregivers are doing, and when they see

you vacuuming or dusting, they invariably want to mimic you. Now, while they may not always

be able to copy you to the point where they’re helping you to clean, you should at least

encourage their interest in it, and reward them amply for their efforts (even if you might need to

clean up after them!).

Give Them Clear, Simple Tasks To Carry Out:

It’s better that your child performs one cleaning task at a time, and focus on doing it properly,

than bombarding them with a long list of chores you expect them to complete. Be mindful of

how you describe each task too, for example, if you ask a young child to clean their room, they

might not know exactly what that should entail. Give them short, clear instructions, such as to

put their toys in the box, pick their clothes up off the floor or dust the furniture.

Dance While You Dust!

Combine the need for your child to get some exercise, with the need to keep a clean home, and

get them dancing while they dust! One great way of turning a house cleaning chore into a fun

one, is to play a song that you know they love, and tell them to get their cleaning done before it

ends, and by dancing along at the same time.

Give Toys Color Codes:

Games can make any cleaning task more fun for a child, and if your child’s bedroom is strewn

with toys, try asking them to identify a color and then telling them to place every toy of that

color, into the box or storage area that it came out of. If your kids are very young, then this can

help them to learn their colors, too; education and cleaning, a winning combination for any


Invent A Cleaning Competition:

If you have more than one child in your household, pit them against each other (in the spirit of

fun, of course!), and ask them to compete to clean their rooms the quickest. Whoever wins, gets

a small reward.

Be Appreciative:

Provided your child is trying to help you with the cleaning, then even if their efforts are less than

great, show them your appreciation anyway. If they don’t think they’re helping you (even if

they’re really not!), they’ll be less inclined to volunteer to help you again, or will give less than

their best effort when assigned a task in the future.

Tried all of these methods and your kids still won’t help you clean up around the home?

Help is at hand in the form of a professional cleaning company; simply call them up,

schedule a session, and hey presto, your home is spotlessly clean!