Tips on Buying Budget Split Face Tiles Online

Split face tiles can range from the best value tile that covers economy indoor walls, up to expensive finely crafted artisan tile meant more for decorative touches than for just covering field sections. Buying wall tile online affords homeowners the opportunity to pick, choose, and weigh their options at ease, without pressure from sales staff. But there are a few tricks you’ll want to employ to score that cheap tile online.

Weigh Your Options

It’s easy to think that all split face tiles are the same, but there are key differences between ceramic, porcelain, real stone tile. It’s likely that one kind of tile will be a better fit for you than the rest. Porcelain tile is a more durable and dense version of ceramic. Because it’s kind of like an upgrade, people consider porcelain to be distinct from ceramic. And ceramic tile is composed of a clay and water mixture. This mixture is shaped into tiles before it’s dried and fired at high temperatures inside a kiln. Many ceramic tiles are then glazed, which makes them waterproof.


Porcelain tiles sure sounds great. The word has a more authoritative ring than mere ceramic. Porcelain and ceramic are close, but not exactly the same product. To win the name “porcelain,” the tile must have a water absorption rate of 0.5 percent, according to the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM).


But you need to think hard that do you really need porcelain for your application, especially given the fact that ceramic tile costs less than porcelain? On average, you will pay 60 percent more for porcelain.


So when you decide which tiles to use, you must think through your needs first.

Pin on “Free Delivery” Shops

In one survey, the most common wall tile, the subway tile, at a well-known online home improvement retailer appears to be inexpensive but skyrockets in price when shipping and handling are added. In fact, shipping and handling are well over 100 percent of the cost of the tile alone. So do not be fooled by enticing online tile prices without bringing all other factors into the equation. Many consumers treat shipping and handling as an afterthought. However, it is a significant weight to transport and deliver, and the cost will be borne by you, the consumer, not the wall tile supplier.


If you are serious about saving money on your wall tile and shop it online, you should try to look at those online shops that offer free delivery service. This is an important factor you need to consider. Here at Stone Paving Direct, we have free delivery service, please take a close look at our delivery policy to see if your can enjoy the service!

Buy Basic Split Face Tile Online

Why would you buy stone wall tile at high prices from specialty houses rather than at discount stores? One good reason is that artisan tiles are cooler and more interesting. Beauty and pedigree always come at a cost, a black sparkle quartz split face tiles will leave a fantastic impression.


But when you’re dealing with basic field tile needed to populate a wall in large quantities, should you pay artisan prices for this?


One solution to high quality real stone split face tile costs is to use adorable wall tile for those larger field areas and the more expensive tile for attention-getting spaces.

Get a Sample First

Nowadays, online retailers make returning items easy. However, returning tile is quite different from returning a pair of ill-fitting shoes. Currently, there are few, if any, tile companies that will ship returns for free. The customer must bear the charges. But online tile retailers offer a solution: tile samples.


Many wall tile supplier offer samples for purchase. So before you order, you should place a order of samples. It is actually a smart business move designed to entice customers to buy from them and to mitigate the possibility of those dreaded returns.

Why Us

Finally, if you have visited our website, you might wonder why our prices of split face tiles are cheaper than the rest of the market.


This is a great question and a frequently asked one. Basically, supplying our valued customers with the best quality products at the best price is at the forefront of what we do. We achieve this by our products being directly imported from our overseas quarry and factories. Without the middleman we can keep our prices down and at the same time ensure we deliver high quality products.


Our team is also made up of experienced and passionate individuals who know the stone paving industry inside out. Their extensive knowledge means they leave no stone unturned, (excuse the pun), when it comes to getting you the best possible deal.


As natural stone tiles supply chain expert team, our every efficient employee have multiple roles ranging from general manager to receptionist and workers, so our ultra-low operating costs can make our value best for all consumers. Stone Paving Direct also supplies paving slabs including granite paving, Indian sandstone, limestone paving, porcelain paving.