Top Home Renovations/Upgrades to Have Done This Season

Home Renovations


When it’s late autumn or early winter, you still have time to do some home renovation and upgrade projects before the weather turns cold.  With the right upgrades, homeowners can add value to their homes while ensuring comfort during very cold, snowy days. You may choose to upgrade this season, because business is slow for contractors due to the COVID-19 lockdown.


Keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at some home renovations and upgrades to have done this season:


Re-Insulate Doors and Windows- insulation can get brittle and cracked over time. This will cause the loss of indoor heat and it will be much more expensive to keep your home warm the whole season. Check the condition of insulation and make sure your home is properly winterised. Have a professional home renovation expert assess your insulation, doors, and windows.


Renovated Pathways- if your pathways are treacherous and slippery during winter, it’s time to remodel them. Ice, snow, and loose paving stone can cause disaster. Make sure that your pathways are sturdy and not too overly smooth. Even when everything is covered with ice, make sure that the pathway is not slippery. Pathways with good drainage can minimise the formation of icy surface. Also consider, adding more pathways, so you can safely walk to the porch, from the sidewalk or driveway. Renovated pathways will not only make it safer to walk, but they will also improve the curb appeal of your home.


Add More Lighting- a lack of lighting can make winter feels gloomy. Brighten up spirits of your whole family by adding more interior lighting. If you want to save energy, consider using LED lights and dimmers in the dining room, family room and bedrooms. They can also help to customise the ambience.


Install A Programmable Thermostat- with programmable thermostat, you can improve cooling and heating efficiency. Without a good thermostat, your home can be too chilly or unnecessarily warm during winter. These thermostats have built-in sensors that make it possible to maintain ideal room temperatures throughout the day. An automatic and programmable thermostat still allows you to make slight manual adjustments depending on your preferences.


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