Waste Pellets: Product Benefits

Waste Pellets: Product Benefits

Have you ever thought about the fact that solid fuels are much more efficient and more convenient to consume? It is much cheaper and more accessible. For the fuel to be solid, pellets are used. People usually get used to the fact that fuel such as coal, firewood, sawdust, and so on is needed to heat a building or room. But there is another option, which is the most modern – these are pellets. It is worth knowing a little more about them.

What are Pellets?

The biomass pellets are such hard compressed granules, somewhat reminiscent of oval or cylindrical shapes. They are about 6 to 10 millimeters in diameter. Each pellet goes through the granulation technique, i.e. it can be concluded that they are all the same. Pellets are made from waste that remains in production. In order not to throw away and not litter the environment, an ingenious decision was made to compress the waste and reuse it. Usually, it is waste from woodworking or agricultural enterprises.

Important Advantages of Pellets

The benefits of granular waste are far greater than you might imagine. So, they are already quite widely used in the countries of Western Europe. So, the main advantages of pellets are as follows:

Trash-to-treasure: Make Municipal Solid Waste into Fuel Pellets

  • density from 550 to 600 kg/m3, bulk density (as you can see) is quite good, it saves space so that the fuel can be stored compactly;
  • the humidity is low, which allows the pellets not to absorb moisture and burn well, the allowable maximum relative humidity of the pellets is only 12%;
  • since the compaction and humidity are quite good, the burning of the pellets is excellent;
  • the solid structure of the pellets is convenient to use, the combustion process is fast and simple;
  • the ash content of the pellets is low, which allows the pellets to burn for a long time and not go out until external factors are involved.

As for the transport of pellets and their storage, this is an ideal product that can be transported in bags. Granules are not erased into dust and do not collapse. They were in a compressed state, and remain in it. Why are pellets so much more convenient than some other fuels? The fact is that it is very convenient, even if you take the option of transporting fuel. Also, pellets are very environmentally friendly, as they are, in fact, waste that was given a second chance. Pellets do not form dirt or dust; do not accumulate soot when heating private houses.

Judging from an ecological point of view, pellets are an ingenious solution to make the environment cleaner. Pellets reduce the number of various wastes that leave behind dirt and unclean air. Those wastes that people use less and less are burned and emit bad substances into the atmosphere, as well as they are taken to landfills in huge quantities. This is how the environment gets polluted. So that the planet does not turn into garbage, it is better to use pellets for burning, which do not leave behind a huge amount of garbage, does not smell, and do not produce bad smoke.