What are the Best Water Filters for Home Use?

What are the Best Water Filters for Home Use?

Regulation of public water supplies does not necessarily mean that contaminants are 100% eliminated. It is not uncommon to experience unpleasant odors and smells in your water supplies. It is caused by pollutants sneaking in, therefore, causing an unpleasant smell in drinking water. However, water filters and filtration systems help keep your water safe for drinking and use. Some of the filters can eliminate 90% of the contaminants, while others can eliminate single pollutants, particularly metals like lead. All this depends on the type of filter you want and the number of contaminants you want to stop. If you’re not convinced, you can read detailed reviews.

Meanwhile, here are some of the best water filters to use at our homes:

Brita Standard Metro Water Filter Pitcher

Among the most popular filters used to treat unpleasant smells and odor in tap water is the Brita standard metro water filter pitcher. It is one of the most top-rated filters. The pitcher has both long-lasting filters and standard filters for you to choose from. However, a standard filter needs replacement every two months, while a durable filter only needs replacement after six months. A distinctive feature of the Brita standard metro water filter is the in-built light that lights up when the filter needs a replacement.

PUR Water filter Pitcher

It is known to be the best filter in helping reduce lead contaminants in drinking water. It is convenient in that it can hold up to eleven cups of water. The PUR water filter pitches use activated carbon and paper filters that are advanced to remove lead contaminants in your drinking water. Like the Brita standard metro water filter, the PUR water filter has an in-built light that lights up when it needs replacement.

PUR Faucet- Mount Water Filter

Worry no more on contaminants you may find when drinking water straight from your kitchen faucet. THEREFORE, the PUR faucet-mount water filter is installed onto your faucet, allowing you to get contaminant-free water. The good thing about this filter is that it’s easy to install, and one can do it on their own without requiring a plumber’s services. Unlike other filters that reduce individual contaminants, the PUR faucet-mount water filter can reduce more than 70 pollutants. Among the contaminants, its ability to reduce is mercury, pesticides, and lead. Additionally, it can eliminate the chlorine taste, providing a crisp taste in your drinking water.

Big Berkey Water Filter

Known for its long lifespan, the Big Berkey water filter can remove 99.9% of contaminants found in drinking water. The high level of filtration is enabled by the presence of its fluoride and arsenic filters. Additionally, its filter process is swift, thus making it an effective filter for use at home. However, unlike other filters where you can replace the filter, the Big Berkey water filter will require throwing the whole cartilage away and purchasing a new one.

Water Drop Under Sink Filter System

With a 4.7-star rating, the water drop under the sink filter system is among the top permanent solutions in eliminating water contaminants. It has a fitting that is activated with a `push connect; therefore very easy to install. With a three-stage filtration, the water drop under the sink filter system can remove heavy metals, sediments, unpleasant taste and odor, lead, and chlorine taste in your drinking water. It is efficient in that it can last up to one year without the need for a replacement.

APEC 5-stage Reverse Water Filter System

The APEC 5-stage reverse water filter system is known for removing dissolved solids and contaminants in drinking water. It can purify drinking water through several filtration stages in which metals, salts, and dissolved solids are removed. Additionally, 90% of toxic fluorides and VOCs are removed through its fine-membrane.

Pelican PSE 1800 Water Filtration System

Unlike other water filters that only purify one water source, the pelican PSE 1800 water filter can help filter water in your whole house. It uses a pre-filtration media to remove chlorine, chemicals, and harmful sediments from water used in your household. You do not have to worry about buying a filter that will remove contaminants in your faucet or showerhead. Pelican PSE 1800 is the best water filter to settle for.

The type of filter you settle for will depend on the filtration level you want to be done on your drinking water. Other factors that will guide you are; easy installation, durability, and effectiveness. Make sure you do your research before you buy a high-quality water filter.