What to Expect From A Property Management Company In Perth And How To Find One?

What to Expect From A Property Management Company In Perth And How To Find One?


Property management in Perth can be a huge help if you’re not used to being a landlord. It’s something that you should expect from any good property management company in Perth. However, finding the right company for you can be difficult. There are a lot of different choices, and each has its pros and cons.


But how do you start looking for one? And what should you expect from a leading property management agency? Especially on services they should be providing you with. Continue reading for our guide on finding and working with Perth property management.

What is Property Management?

Property management oversees and maintains a property, such as an apartment complex, office building, or shopping center. The property manager is responsible for various tasks, including cleaning and repair, security, and Quality tenants relation. Property management is a challenging and rewarding field, and those who enter it can look forward to a career full of variety and opportunity.

What to Expect from a Property Management in Perth

Property management companies help landlords and renters communicate with each other. A dedicated property manager takes care of the day-to-day tasks of owning a property in Perth.


If you’re a Perth-based landlord interested in learning all, there is to know about your property management cost options. You will have all the answers to your questions by the end of this article. Here, we’ll talk about what a property management company does and what it can do for you.

Below is the list of several points you can expect from a property management company in Perth:

They’ll Manage your Rental Income.

Property management, as the name suggests, takes care of everything that has to do with a rental home. Skilled and Dedicated property managers bring knowledge and experience to your investment properties.

  • Collects the rent money and divides it up.
  • Follows up on late payments and sends out the right notices when tenants don’t pay on time.
  • Rent prices are worked out between landlords and renters.
  • Helps set up payment plans for property expenses
  • Tenancy, ownership, and property ledgers must be kept up to date.

They’ll help you with Legal Matters.

Even though most leases are clear, there are sometimes loopholes to watch out for. So, property managers can also help with legal issues.


  • Write down everything about your property.
  • Laying out information about the contract, terms, and dealings will help you decide if the property is a good one to buy.
  • Making sure that the laws in their state about property management are followed.
  • The processing of the evictees in your rental property.

They are knowledgable in Research and Advertising.

A Property Management Company can help you advertise your property, such as with the marketing that goes along with selling it. Perth property managers keep up with the latest market and trends.


  • Tells you what’s going on with your investment property and what you don’t need to know.
  • Run rental home open houses, private appointments, and virtual tours.
  • Gives accurate rental estimates by knowing the local market and what tenants want.
  • Checks the potential renters’ references.
  • Do some market research to compare rental prices and demand.

How To Find The Best Property Management Team In Perth?

Their Property Managers Should Be Easy To Talk To And Friendly.

A property manager who is helpful and friendly will save you time, energy, and stress in the long run. You can talk to them more easily, trust them to take care of things, and they will want to do their best job.

Difference Between Real Estate and Property Management | We Love Rentals

Have a cup of coffee with a few property managers in Perth before you choose one. You should feel like they care about you and aren’t just telling you what you want to hear.

You Should Be Able To Talk To Someone In Charge.

Talking to a “decision-maker” is a good way to figure out how good a property management company is. This could mean a licensee/principal-agent, a senior manager, a director, Property owners, or a partner will work.


You might have questions or problems that someone at this level can only solve. So, ensure that the agency’s top people are easy to reach. This is a must-have for many landlords

Their Property Manager’s List Of Properties Should Be Accessible.

A property manager with many properties may not have enough time, energy, or money to take good care of you and your property. They may take a long time to call back, follow up on rent that hasn’t been paid, or set up repairs.


Many property managers are in charge of between 120 and 150 properties, but at We Love Rentals, each property manager is only in charge of up to 80 properties. So, we can take good care of each client individually and well!

They Should Be Experts In Taking Care Of The Property.

We think property managers should do exactly what their job title says: manage properties.


If the Perth property manager you’re thinking about also does sales, accounting, or office work, they might not pay full attention to your property.


To ensure that your rental is the most important thing, look for someone whose main focus is day-to-day property management, not other things.

So, Did We Meet Your Expectation?

In the end, that’s all there is to it. What to look for in a good Perth property management firm, and how to locate one that fits your requirements. We hope the information we gave you was helpful and will help you make this important choice.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or want more information. We’d be happy to help! Lastly, we want to know if we lived up to your expectations. We always try our best, so feel free to tell us what we can do better by leaving a comment below. Thanks for stopping by!