What Type of Carpets Are Available in The Market as Per the Various Requirements?

What Type of Carpets Are Available in The Market as Per the Various Requirements?


A flooring foundation for your home, Carpets not only provide warmth to a cold or slightly unwelcoming room but also helps in uplifting your entire interior décor. Laying a grey carpet amplifies the style quotient of your home while providing added benefits such as sound absorption and a comfortable surface to walk barefoot on. A carpet serves as the best option for your living space, whether it’s in the living room where your entire family can gather to have a great time with the added benefit of comfort and warmth in the colder months or in the bedroom for that extra layer of warmth. Read on to know the different types of carpets available in the market.

There are Two Types of Carpets- Loop Pile and Cut Pile

Loop Pile Options:


Berber carpets are the most common type of loop pile carpet option for you. In Berber carpets, the fibers are bent into a series of loops. This makes the carpet highly durable and resistant to stain, however, this type doesn’t have the same amount of cushioning as the other type of carpets. The loops are short in length with a slight variance in Berber Carpets. This type of carpet is quite dense but offers a smooth tone and does not come apart quickly.

Level Loop:

Level loop carpets use short loops with the loops having the exact same length. Level loop carpets are a little bit stiff but perfect for high-traffic areas where durability and resilience are quite vital.

Multi-level Loop:

In Multi-level loop carpets, the loop height varies which offers a more appealing look to the carpet. A Multi-level loop carpet is quite different from a patterned carpet where the threads are made into loops instead of just with cuts.

Cut Pile Options:


Saxony Carpet is a cut pile option where fiber ends are cut as evenly as possible. In Saxony carpets, the fibers are tightly packed together, which contributes towards a smoother appearance. With fibers about half an inch as high as well, Saxony carpets are also known as plush carpets because of their soft and luxurious feels. But having a soft textured carpet has its downfalls as well, as the individual fibers of these carpets can easily tear up.


Textured carpet is another type of cut pile choice. In this type, the yarn is twisted and cut which means that the carpet is soft while its surface is twisted enough to offer a more chic appeal. The twists in the carpet are tight enough which offers resistance to stain and more durability and easy maintenance. The fibers can bend a little faster as compared to Saxony carpets but altogether adds a nice tone to your interior as well.


The frieze carpets have short fibers which can curl in many directions. This causes the carpet to have a sturdy appeal which can easily hide the footprints although frieze carpets are not made for heavy traffic areas. Frieze carpets are often referred to as shag pile carpets due to their informal style. These carpets offer a sense of luxury to your home but can be tougher to clean.


Pattern carpet uses a mix of both cut and looped yarn spots. When the carpet is tufted with a high and low loop and left uncut, you have an unlevel, hi-lo, or patterned loop. You can also have a patterned loop referred to as a cut loop. This occurs when some of the loops are cut, usually to form a distinctive pattern in the carpet. A patterned carpet is known to get its pattern from construction and texture and not from simply using dyes. Patterns in a carpet can provide a rich layer of sophistication and design to any room. To create a pattern, distinct coloured yarns can be woven together which are in the form of divergent colours or even a mix of distinct synthetic or natural carpet fibers.

Carpet Material


Nylon carpets are quite a popular option for homeowners as its quite strong and durable. Nylon carpets are also resistant to the soil which means they can stay in shape for many years without warping. Although popular, nylon carpets can produce static electricity as a result of friction. If you want to go for nylon carpets just apply some anti-static spray to keep in check the electric shocks due to friction.


A polypropylene compound, olefin is generally used in outdoor use due to its moisture-resistant property. However, now olefin is widely used indoors due to its wool-like texture and high resilience.


A popular carpeting option among homeowners, polyester carpets are for those who seek high durability and toughness in their floor covering without any compromise on the look and style. Polyester is a synthetic material that can resist stains very well. It also resists moisture and offers easy maintenance. It requires maintenance otherwise it can clump up into piles.


Acrylic carpets have wool-like texture and appearance but have a level of static and stain resistance which makes acrylic carpets quite appealing for areas that are susceptible to wear and tear, and stains. Acrylic carpets are less likely to fade as compared to other options.


There is always an option of using a real wool carpet if desired by anyone. Wool carpets are quite aesthetically appealing and feature a series of carefully woven fibers that have resistance to dirt. Wool Carpets are stain-resistant as well. Wool carpets are more expensive compared to other options.


Triexta Carpets are a synthetic option for homes that experience heavy foot traffic or homes with kids and pets. Triexta carpets have fibers that are quite strong and less likely to tear apart as compared to other material carpets. Although highly durable and resilient, Triexta carpets can be quite expensive so it might not be the best choice if you have set a budget for your carpeting.

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