When to Choose a Metal Bed Over a Wooden One?

When to Choose a Metal Bed Over a Wooden One?

A majority of us spend more than one-third of our lifetime asleep, don’t we? It’s quite a long time indeed, and hence it becomes essential to choose the right bed. If you want to enjoy sleeping to the fullest and feel rejuvenated every day, it solely lies in the type of bed frame. A perfect bed isn’t always about the mattress. It also includes the bed frame that can bring a striking difference. A quality bed frame should support your weight as well as the mattress. It is also vital to check the comfort, durability, and cost of the bed.


Now, your next question would be what to buy, a metal or a wooden bed. Metal beds are perfect choices if you are looking for a lightweight bed single. You would have seen an array of options for metal beds in the market. But making the right investment becomes essential. The present-day households look for exclusive bed frame designs that complement the décor of the bedroom. And metal beds are the seamless epitomes of beauty that can perfectly blend with your home’s ambience. So, if you are contemplating between a metal and a wooden bed, here are more inputs for you that can help:

Four Reasons for Choosing Metal over Wooden Beds

A bed is an essential piece of furniture that acts as a focal point in your bedroom. It is a place where you unwind and relax. The type of bed that you buy often reflects your personality and choice. A majority of households look for durability and design as the primary features while choosing a bed frame. While both wooden and metal beds are sturdy and elegant, choosing one of them could be a tough decision to make. But do not worry, here are a few points that can guide you towards making the right choice.


Buying decisions often rely on our budgets and capacity. The cost-saving advantage is one of the top reasons to buy a metal bed. A metal is a less expensive choice that can easily fit into a strained budget as well. Apart from being affordable, these metal bed frames also last for a lifetime so that you do not have to worry about a replacement soon. It requires bare minimum maintenance that can cut down on the costs further. As you save the money on a metal bed frame, you can invest it in buying a comfy mattress, which sounds like a wise choice for anyone.


Gone are those days when the metal beds looked dull and unappealing. Today you have an array of choices in these bed varieties to suit every household. Whether you are looking for a contemporary or an antique piece, metal beds are available in different finishes, styles, and sizes to fit your aesthetic. The Mayall metal bed from Wakefit is one of its kind in design and durability. It brings out a subtle balance between engineered wood and metal. The beautiful headboard, sophisticated colour choices, and an elegant matt-finish makes their metal bed a stylish one. And why wait when this classy Mayall metal bed online is just a click away from you.


The best part about the metal beds is they are less susceptible to damage. They are much lighter and made to last. Steel is one such metal that stands robust and durable against the wear and tear caused by daily use. The anti-corrosive coat on these bed frames prevents rusting. Metal bed frames never crack, creak, and split even after several decades of usage. Humidity and termite damage are never an issue in metal beds. It does not pose any health or safety risk being resistant to different hazards. And the bonus is they can hold as much weight as other beds do and pass as your family heirloom too.


From king to queen-size, single or double, the metal beds are available in all sizes. It is a perfect fit for any mattress. It acts as an elegant centrepiece and elevates the look of any bedroom décor. Metals provide a classic as well as modern look. The timeless patterns enhance the feel and aesthetic of your bedroom too. As metals can mould to different shapes, the metal beds are a versatile aspect. They are easy to assemble, and shifting is never a concern with the metal beds. It uses minimal bolts and screws to join together as one unit. Thus, it suits your lifestyle better by serving several purposes.

Overall Outlook

The variety of models, colours, design, and finishes add to the beauty of metal bed frames. The foldable bed is a versatile choice in metal frames suitable for space constraints. The little to no maintenance costs with an affordable price range makes the metal bed ideal for every household. The extended durability and less susceptibility to damage are add-on advantages. So, with these inputs in mind, consider your sleeping preferences to choose a versatile metal bed.