Which Bobcat Grapple Should You Use?

Which Bobcat Grapple Should You Use?

It needs plenty of thought to decide which Bobcat Grapple suits your needs. There are thousands of different grapple models and a hundred different attachments, but knowing which would be the best for you is a tedious task. The grapple attachments play a major role when working with different materials with efficiency and precision. Using the perfect grapple attachments can help move the oddly shaped logs, rocks, or concrete piles efficiently and easily.

Things To Look Out For While Choosing Bobcat Grapple

Determine The Need:

Different grapples are designed for different applications. You should always consider choosing a suitable attachment for the type of application you expect from it before purchasing. You can consider asking questions like what is going to be the application of the grapple attachment. What are your plans and works associated with these Bobcat grapple attachments? And will your grapple be used for removing logs, trees, brush, manure, asphalt, scrap, concrete, recycling, or some other material? It sounds logical that a person working in the forest will need a different grapple than the one working in a scrapyard, and hence it should be remembered before buying that the efficiency, functions, and capacity of every grapple changes with the design.

Open Bottom v/s Solid Bottom:

An open button, also known as skeleton bottom, allows unwanted and small materials to fall through the tines in between. The rock grapples, and brush grapples have an open bottom, which sifts the unwanted debris and dirt out. Using a solid bottom Bobcat grapple, there is no space for dirt or debris to fall through. This makes these grapples a great choice for the scrap yard and recycling applications. They lead to the complete removal of the captured material.

Many of the open grapples have a front comb or cross member at the tip of the tine. A front comb is a piece of metal that spans across the tines at the skeleton bucket’s bottom. It helps in improving the overall strength.

Appropriate For The Machine:

To find an attachment that suits your requirement, you should know the loader capacity. Some grapples will be too small or too big for a few skid steers. Remember, fitting the grapple to the machine avoids the loader from being overloaded and attachments from being underutilized.

A Suitable Size:

Choosing the perfect sized grapple is an important task. Choosing a very small grapple will require more trips, which will lead to a high operating cost, and at the same time, it should be remembered that too big a grapple is not always a better option. Yes, the grapple should be huge enough to do what you expect from it but not too huge that even the machine can’t use it effectively.


From clearing and raking brush to site cleanup and landscaping, many tasks can be simplified using the Bobcat Grapple. It is hoped that after reading this article, finding the perfect grapple to use won’t be a stressful task for you.