Why Choose Dry Carpeting Cleaning Over Wet?

Carpets even if you vacuum them regularly, are full of tiny dust particles, pet dander, skin, allergens, mites and even fungi. Often parents with children who have strong allergies will choose not to have a carpet in them because they affect the air quality. If you find a professional carpet cleaning Ajax based service to use, you can change that. Get those carpets properly clean and safe to live with, smelling a lot better and extend their lifespan too, whether they are in the home or the office even.


Home cleaning or professional?


There are many options now to give people the choice to clean their own carpets and that is certainly something to consider. But the problem is different kits and cleaning tools and solutions are needed for different carpeting. If you do not know what you are doing you could end up destroying your carpet. When you choose a carpet cleaning Toronto service you are paying for their skill, experience, tools and knowledge. Some problems people run into when trying to do it themselves are carpets that look dirty almost straight away after the clean, a musky smell when the carpet dries, the drying taking hours to complete and the colours running.


Dry cleaning or wet?


Recently there have been good developments in dry carpet cleaning so it is worth thinking about whether you want to do a dry clean or a wet clean. In the past, dry cleans were really only good for light cleaning, they do did not do as good a job as wet cleaning on very soiled carpets, or carpets with deep fibres. But wet comes with the above issues mentioned and can damage the carpets too. That is why a lot of carpet cleaning, Ajax professionals offer dry cleaning over wet.


There are 2 processes when you do dry cleaning, first, the cleaning compound is spread over the carpet and worked in deep. These will absorb the dirt and odours in the carpet. Then the cleaners will vacuum and such up those microsponges and as they are removed the dirt particles they have trapped leave too. Benefits you can see with dry carpet cleaning include;

  • A deep cleaning and the carpet will stay clean after because those embedded dirt particles are properly removed.
  • The carpet will not have problems with drying and having to keep people off the carpet and it taking forever to happen. Dry cleaning causes a lot less inconvenience!
  • If these are carpets in a business the less downtime from having to dry means the cleaning does not impact your productivity.
  • A lot of dry carpet cleaning uses green products so it is better for the environment than wet cleaning.
  • Dry cleaning will not cause colour running or carpet shrinking.
  • There is not a lot of chemicals being left for you to breathe in.


Great for a deep cleaning now


Dry cleaning might not have been the best cleaning method for carpets once upon a time but today it is just as effective and comes with attractive advantages. Talk to your carpet cleaning Toronto expert about which method is best for your needs.