Why is My Air Conditioner Running Constantly?

Why is My Air Conditioner Running Constantly?


During the summer, most people find that it is quite common for their air conditioner to run frequently throughout the day. But does your air conditioner seem to be running more often than it should? It’s worth researching to make sure you don’t end up with astronomical energy bills. Below are four common explanations  by AC repair downriver MI why your air conditioner may seem to be running constantly.

Reason 1: You Own A Variable Speed AC.

Variable speed air conditioners can operate over a wide range of speeds, sometimes operating at up to 25 percent capacity. Instead of turning off, the variable speed air conditioner will run on low power to help maintain your home’s temperature while using less energy. This means your air conditioner may run longer than a single-speed AC, but don’t worry—you’ll still end up saving energy and spending less money cooling your home.



Reason 2: Your AC Unit Is Too Small To Effectively Cool Your Home.

If your air conditioner doesn’t have enough tonnage (cooling capacity) for your home’s unique size, layout, and temperature challenges, it will struggle in the summer. It can run continuously to try to reach the desired temperature on the thermostat. Continuous operation at full power puts unnecessary strain on the system and can cause overheating or premature wear of components. The best HVAC contractors will provide you with a thorough consultation to assess your home’s cooling needs and challenges. Based on things like your home’s size, layout, and number of floors, they’ll recommend an air conditioning unit with enough capacity to cool your home.

Reason 3: Your Air Conditioner Is Too Big For Your Home And Cycles Short.

If your air conditioner runs for extremely short periods of time and the air in your home is stuffy, then you most likely have a short cycling problem. Air conditioning systems that are too large for your home will not be able to remove humidity effectively and will usually stop working too soon, leading to hot and cold spots around the house.



Reason 4: Your AC System Is Overdue For Maintenance.

Dust accumulation in areas such as the evaporator coil and condenser coil can impede the cooling process. This results in your air conditioner working longer and harder than it should to reach the desired temperature. If your system hasn’t received maintenance in over a year, it’s overdue for an appointment.