Why is winter time the best time to get a brand-new AC installed in your home?

First and considered one of the most important reasons is time. During warmer seasons throughout the year, there are higher demands for air conditioning systems in McKinney than in the colder seasons. This means you are in the front of the line when beginning your next home project. More than 85% of calls received by technicians during the summer are for broken air conditioner systems in the surrounding areas including McKinney. Having an early start on the record summer heat keeps you cool without the wait. When systems are unused over a period of time, thing can break without a chance to notice in time, so it is best to be prepared.


With colder temperatures, your home will not be affected by harsh summertime climates that occur in McKinney. Getting your newly installed system means you avoid spending time dealing with rising temperatures until the job is completed. Handling your project in the winter allows your technicians the time needed to plan properly for unexpected delays without creating workarounds to keep you cool temporarily during the warm Texas summer nights. Air conditioning technicians will likely prefer cooler temperatures to work in as well.



With wintertime you can expect seasonal sales geared towards bringing you closer to the air conditioning system you desire. Often during these times, system manufacturers offer rebates and sales on many of the systems seen today. Experts pass down their savings during the holidays and offer additional savings with their promotional coupons and deals found only during this time on their website. You cannot count on these deals to be available year-round.


To keep things simple, just remember these few factors for beating the heat next summer!

– Low demands in winter

– Less wait during off season

– Cooler temperatures during replacement

– Better work environment for technicians

– Cheaper equipment

– Better sales


Remember, there is less demand for equipment and technicians during the winter, this time is optimal. Technicians are not backed up with repair calls during off seasons. Installing new air conditioning systems in winter allows for a change without heat for you and the technicians. Cheaper equipment can be purchased during the off seasons with rebates to follow along with technician discounts. Check out DND Heating & Air Conditioning for winter discounts on AC repair and replacement of equipment.


Make sure you plan ahead to beat the summer heat this year before it’s too late!