Why Pool Enclosures Are A Great Investment For Your Home

Why Pool Enclosures Are A Great Investment For Your Home


A swimming pool enclosure can be an excellent investment for your home. The structure of a swimming pool can be an excellent blend of aluminum and heavy screening. When you add in an architecture friendly design, a pool enclosure remains something that adds extra value to your home for some of these top reasons and more:

Improvements To Curb Appeal

Having a pool can be a huge bonus to your curb appeal and to attracting an audience. A pool with an enclosure can leave a lasting impression. This is an area that will lure in potential buyers and give them an excellent place where they can enjoy a better space for outdoor entertaining.

Higher Property Value

Installing a pool enclosure often leads to higher property value. A pool enclosure will fall under this category quite easily. Building a pool screen enclosure will lead to an increase in the value of your home and this means you could get up to 50% of the cost of the structure back.

Added Safety

A pool enclosure can add extra safety and remove some liability issues from your pool. Adding a lock on your pool enclosure can make sure that there is less of a chance that people could break into your pool and that you can experience interruptions from wildlife.

Added Comfort

Why Pool Enclosures Are A Great Investment For Your Home


A pool enclosure really represents a backyard space for entertaining and an excellent place for added backyard privacy. If you want to enjoy more time in your backyard area, you should consider this as an added benefit to your home.


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This article was written by Bob Elliot, Bob is the sales/design consultant for Pyramid Aluminum Inc. Pyramid Aluminum Inc is dedicated to providing installation designed with an eye to detail and built for the long-lasting value our clients deserve. We are fully equipped to handle any project in the Tampa Bay area. Residential or commercial, no job is too large or too small!