Why Storage Bins Are Better Than Wire Mesh Storage Boxes

Why Storage Bins Are Better Than Wire Mesh Storage Boxes

Wire mesh storage solutions may seem like the right way to go at first, but eventually, they fail. There is a number of reasons that cause this to happen but we will start with a few of the obvious ones. When you compare having a solid, secure place to store belongings as opposed to a wire mesh cage that everybody can see into you can easily see that there is not much of a comparison, but the real kicker is that most people assume that wire mesh is cheaper and easier to install than secure storage bins. This is not necessarily so. In fact, you might be surprised and see that storage bins cost around the same to install as wire cages. Let’s take a look at a few facts.

Wire Mesh Has Security Issues

In a place where lots of people frequently visit it is best to keep personal belongings behind walls where they are stored in private. You never know who is looking into a storage bin for what reason. Although it is easy to try and place the blame on the resident for storing valuables in a cage, the truth is that they pay rent and should be able to store their extra stuff in a place that is secure and private. With personal belongings right out in the open where anyone can see them, thieves are more likely to stop by and visit when they can get in and out without causing a scene. In a place that attracts crime, there are security threats that can not be ignored. With solid storage boxes or bins, nobody can see inside unless they open the door and look.

Storage Bins Look Much Better

Whether it is a set of storage bins or an over the hood storage box, a solid, secure storage solution looks much better than a set of wire cages. When somebody comes to look at an apartment complex to determine whether or not they want to live there it is a good possibility that they are looking for a place to live that is safe, secure, and clean. Wire cages are not a pretty sight, especially when they are full of clutter and who knows what. They allow for people to see right through them so that if something in them is dirty, the whole place looks dirty. When rugged, secure, safe-looking storage bins are present it gives the whole place a neat, secure look that makes people feel safe. All of the belongings that are within them are out of sight and nobody’s business.

Storage Bins Can Generate Revenue

The best part about installing storage bins is that they can virtually pay for themselves, and bring in enough money to have a substantial revenue stream. In a survey that was done regarding the importance of secure storage bins, people unanimously stated that storage was important to them and that it was important enough that they would be willing to pay at least an extra $30 a month in order to have it. It is important to note that not all of the people felt this way, but that a large percent of them did. Still yet, this means that the potential for an extra revenue stream is pretty big.

The Bottom Line

In all truth, storage bins and storage solutions aren’t the main topics of every dinner or Zoom meeting. In fact, if you were to ask the average person on the street what they knew about storage solutions, you might not get much. However, anybody who has things would prefer to store them in a safe, secure area as opposed to in plain view of the public. With that being said, it probably costs less than you believe to install storage bins or upgrade your current storage solution. If you would like to learn more about how you can add value to your property and make money doing it, visit the storage experts and start the process today at Bradyl Storage Solutions.